Corkscrew crash(ing into the forums!)

hello!! i’m steeliumZ!!
my favourite Pokémon are the Klink family, but i love every steel type! Trubbish and Elgyem/Beheeyem are also big favourites.

i’ve been playing for just over a week now, but i used to play a long, long time ago - i can’t remember my username, but i used to play as a Marshtomp.
i like all mediums of art, especially drawing and playing my kalimba. rats are my favourite animal and they make me really happy. i’m also physically disabled and i hope to move to the netherlands to live with my gf!

since i’m not the best at introductions and you deserve a (however small and silly) reward for reading this, if you could use one move from the Pokémon world, what would it be; how would you use it; and why?

thanks for reading! :rat::robot:



Welcome to the forums!

Steel types are great, yes. I must also say I like your choice in avatar.

As for what move I’d want in real life, Telekinesis or Teleport are the first that come to mind, Transform could also be extremely useful… But am I allowed to just pick sketch?

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You’re good in my book.


Also to answer your question, I’d want to use Magnet Rise. It’s basically flight.

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welcome to the forums and back to pmu!

my answer to your question would be teleport, even if only to visit friends and mcdonalds at 3am

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i didn’t add any conditions, so sure!! sketch would be a great choice jskdkskd

also, neo team plasma 4 life !!

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oohh i’d probably do the same - i love that idea!!

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thank you so much!!
and god that’s such a good use of the move omg… why didn’t i think of that O__O
direct route to mcdonalds 24/7 as long as you heal there last /j