Could Someone Give me Advise for Improving Team Strategy in PMU Dungeons?

Hello there,

I have been playing Pokémon Mystery Universe for a while now; and I am loving the game. Although, I have been struggling with some of the tougher dungeons and was hoping to get some advice from the community.

My current team consists of a Charizard; a Blastoise; and an Alakazam. I have noticed that while this team works well in some dungeons, I often run into trouble with others; especially when facing enemies that exploit my teams weaknesses.

I often run out of PP in longer dungeons; which leaves my team vulnerable. What are some effective strategies or items that can help manage PP better? :thinking:

Sleep; paralysis; and confusion are really throwing me off my game. Are there specific Pokémon; moves; or items that you recommend to counteract these status effects? :thinking:

I feel like my team could be more balanced. Do you think my current team composition is solid, or should I consider swapping out one of my Pokémon for better type coverage or support roles? If so; which Pokémon would you suggest?

Any other general tips for surviving and thriving in the more challenging dungeons would also be greatly appreciated.

I have been reading through some of the guides and older posts here, but I would love to get some updated advice and personal experiences from more seasoned players.

Thanks in advance for your help and assistance. :innocent:

Hi there! I’m a player from 2016 and while I just recently returned from a 5 year hiatus, I do have some solutions to your issues.

A few options for this! When running dungeons by yourself, bring more ethers. That’s the obvious solution, but not all dungeons supply ethers. If you don’t have many you can always ask people or buy Max Ethers from Snowbasin Town’s Kecleon

When running with a friend, having them use a Smeargle with Lunar Dance is your best bet for PP management. Smeargle can be found in Gritty Burrow, and if you ask in Global, someone is sure to let you Sketch their Smeargle in the Arena. Lunar Dance restores HP and 5 PP per usage, and can be used 10 times. If you both have a Smeargle, you can repetitively replenish each other’s PP and have no need for Ethers.

Refresh and Safeguard. Altaria is the most commonly used Pokemon for this, as it gets both and has Cloud Nine which removes all weather. Refresh cures your status if you have it, and Safeguard prevents you from being statused.

You can also get Gems with Event Tokens that will totally negate the ability for a Pokemon of a specific type to become statused, there is one for each type and they cost 25 event tokens.

I personally bring 1 carry and 3 supports. My main is Gardevoir, I then run Altaria and a selection of Noivern, Emolga, and Dusknoir, with the addition of Smeargle when running with friends.

Altaria is for C9, Refresh and Safeguard support.

Emolga I keep at level 1 for using Covet on Shiny Pokemon I want to sell. It also gets access to Flash, and its family item restores 1 PP per floor, meaning I have infinite usages of Flash.

Dusknoir gets Frisk and Flash. Frisk is an ability that allows you to see all hidden items on the floor. Flash reveals the entire map.

Noivern is the most ‘meta’ mon on the site. It gets multiple nearly map-wide spread moves (Boomburst, Heat Wave, Draco Meteor) and Moonlight which lets it heal itself. With a Mobile Scarf (lets you walk through walls) and the Flying and Dragon Crystals (speed boost in certain weather) Noivern is the most common dungeon sweeper you’ll see. A lot of people run it so it can bolt through walls, heal off belly empty damage with moonlight, and find the stairs extremely quickly. On top of that, it also gets Frisk, allowing it to see all hidden items on the ground.

Smeargle I explained already. I bring it for Lunar Dance support.

Basically any mon in this game can be viable if you want it to be. Getting family items for your mons is also imperative. I.E. Alakazam’s fused family item makes it heal from Dark-type attacks instead of taking Super Effective Damage, Blastoise’s does the same for Electric, and Charizard does it for Water. This should negate a lot of your issues with certain types.

I don’t currently know what your moves are, but I would recommend sticking to a specific “carry” mon and building your team around it. For example, bringing Altaria to set Clear Weather, then Charizard with a Heat Rock and its “Kindle Scarf” Family Item in the bag will boost its Speed to 2x as if you had a Fire Crystal.

Crystals cost a lot of Poke, (around 400-450k last I checked) or 25 event tokens, which are given out limitedly during Holiday Cave and Weekly Events, and so having anything that can replicate its effects before you have access to them is good.

You didn’t mention what moves you have, but generally, moves that target a single or very few Pokemon aren’t very good for you. (So Psychic is bad for example, even though it has a large range it only targets one Pokemon.) Moves like Heat Wave, Surf, Boomburst, Draco Meteor, Earthquake, and Hyper Voice target a large area of Pokemon and can clear floors easily. This can also help with PP Management in the end as you are hitting more Pokemon for less PP if you plan your AoE moves efficiently.

One last tip that does not have anything to do with your team comp:
Rank up if you haven’t already. Visiting the job board and doing missions will reward you with points that will increase your Rank. Upon reaching higher ranks, your Recruitment Rate increases, as well as the space in your bag and in your storage (so you can bring more of those ethers you’re always lacking).

Good luck with your runs and feel free to msg me on Discord (wishsystem) or in-game (wishing) if you have any other questions!

Edit to Add:
Even if moves are Not Very Effective, you can usually 2 or 3-shot Pokemon with STAB moves anyway. So you don’t need to worry about type coverage all too much.


Greetings and welcome, 4 years old continuos player here,
i’m pretty much here just confirm wishsystem words,

The main team composition most players use is a bounch of supports and a single hyper carry or 2 which are capable of handling every pokemon in the dungeon, which is usually achived by either specifically building a pokemon for the dungeon your gonna run in or by just using a pokemon who has no weaknesses. such as the many dragons, water/ground types and fairys types,

i definitely suggest that you head into the event hub and do the weekly events every time the happen as they reward you the event tokens needed for gems, crystals and globes, which extremely powerful items.
in there is also crogunk which will allow you to optain tier3 family items for your pokemons which can also be extremely powerful! (or not. depends on the pokemon)

mono type teams are often viewed as “challenges” in most pokemon games but here is quite different, using a single type for your only offensive pokemons can be really beneficial due to the many boosters that only boost a single type, trying to use multiple types for combat can bloat your bag with items and boosters which leaves you less room for very important supplys you may want such as ethers, apples, revives and slumber orbs.

ofcorse nothing is absolutely neccessary, as any pokemon for as long as it has a attacking move can beat any dungeon, i’m a proud achiver of fully beating one of the end game dungeons with just a snom and a empty bag, there’s a lot that skill you learn overtime can do! and luck :vulpixjoy: