Counter The Pokemon Above You!

Rules are simple:

-Post the name of a pokemon and a move it can use that will counter the pokemon and the move it used that was posted above you

-The move must be an offensive move, it can be special or physical, but cannot be anything like Protect or Metal Burst.

For example, Post1 "Altaria used Dragon Pulse!’ ------- Post2 “Aggron used Blizzard!”

Have fun countering!

I’ll start it off with:

“Rattata used bite!”

Slurpuff used Dazzling Gleam!!

Infernape used Flamethrower!

if only slurpuff represented all of the fairy types because of how bad they are. We"d be rid of them in one move

(A steel type move would be a better counter to slurpuff)

Vaporeon used Hydro Pump

Minun used Discharge!

Hippowdon used…destroy Mad and her sidekick Earthquake!

Minun was holding an Air Balloon, thus making him immune to the Earthquake. Minun then summoned the mighty Kyogre to Water Spout Hippowdon.

Mad’s Sidekick lives, whilst Hippodown dies.

Spinda used Teeter Dance on Minun.

Ampharos uses substitute to avoid teeter dance and then uses Electro Ball.

electivire’s speed raises slightly.

electivire used earthquake!

Flygon’s LEVITATE made the attack ineffective…
Flygon uses Flamethrower!

A trolling dancing Mudkip wearing a Tophat used Mud Slap!

Treecko used bullet seed !

Arcanine used Flare Blitz!

Blastoise used Hydro Pump

Sceptile used leaf blade

Volcarona used Fiery dance.

Blastoise used rain dance

Raichu uses Thunder

Krookodile used Earthquake.