CTF Chats!


I’m pretty unsure that this has been suggested before, but i suggest different chats for the different teams. Red team’s command being /red, and blue team’s command being /blue. i think this should be implemented into PMU because, it lets each team monitor sides without giving anything away to the opposite team. i mean, it can be tedious announcing plans to guard certain areas for the other team to avoid that area. This way, CTF becomes more of a game of strategy.

Anywho, i don’t know if this suggestion has been made before, so, sorry if it has!


I like it! I would also like some more CTF maps to be made when there’s time, we’ve had the same one for over two years now. :I


that would be perfect


it would be nice to be putted in because they could stalk your chatt your havin


I love this Idea