Revenge…plain simple revenge.That was the only thing in her mind now.She constantly sought a way to destroy them and make them suffer…A mismagius named Ravenna was walking, well actually floating , back and forth, inside her gloomy laboratory,occasionally stopping to just mumble something beneath her breath only to say “No it wont work” or “Perhaps maybe…” again without actually finishing her words.

”Ugh… come on Ravenna think! You cant let them have their pathetic happily ever after!”

Charging a shadow ball fuelled by her malicious rage she fired it hitting a nearby bookcase,making the poor furniture burst into purple flames,while other half destroyed books went flying besides her ,landing a meter beside her ,on the stony floor. Cursing her luck again,she would soon find out how easily fate could change… One of the aged books on the floor was wide open, which amazingly startled her cause it was one she had forgotten about.

“Yes this WILL work! I can finally make them suffer, make them beg for mercy ,make them feel how it is to lose someone you love…”

Flying out of the laboratory and out in the kitchens she called,actually yelled to some poor murkrow to follow her,while the pokemons mumbled ”Y-yes my queen”

They both disappeared inside the privacy of her laboratory preparing their revenge…

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One of the aged books on the floor was wide open, which amazingly startled her [be]cause it was one she had forgotten about.

“Yes this WILL work! I can finally make them suffer, make them beg for mercy, make them feel how it is to lose someone you love…”

Flying out of the laboratory and out in the kitchens she called, actually yelled to some poor murkrow to follow her,while the pokemons mumbled, ”Y-yes my queen.”

They both disappeared inside the privacy of her laboratory preparing their revenge…

• Make sure to check your grammar! (Caught a plain ol’ “cause” in there. Should have been “because”. c: )
A good way to do a basic grammar check is to copy / paste it into Microsoft Word and use the Grammar / Spell Check in there. Alternatively, you could search up one on Google, or (which I think is a really good way) read it out loud and put in commas and periods in the appropriate places depending on where you pause your speech.

And some other basic things.

Expand! Expand! Expand!
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Chapter One: Nightmare’s

Our story begins inside a forest, specifically in a small nest hidden beneath the safety of a tree. There, embraced by the supposed safety the nest provided, was a small pokemon with soft brown fur, a bushy tail with a cream colored tip,four slender pink pawed legs and a large furry collar which was also creamed. Yes this is your average plain old eevee whose name was Nix.

But his sleep would be disturbed as his long pointed ears would catch the familiar sound of hoothoot’s trying to hide and escape the morning rays of the sun.
“And I guess its morning already…” the small eevee said stretching his small mammalian body.
He carefully stepped out of his nest checking the environment around him. Nothing was wrong. The same old tall trees, the small lake just a few meters ahead of him was sparkling filled with fresh water and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. A fine day indeed. As he walked through the trail that lead to the lake he was greeted by various pokemon. Nix was friendly to all of them, although he preferred the peace and quiet his nest provided.

Finally reaching the edge of lake he enjoyed the waters it provided and finishing he was greeted by a familiar figure. Right next to him was a pokemon colored light blue, with three fins around its head made of cream colored webbing, a white ruff was surrounding its neck, with dark blue ridge also around its head and as a ridge down its back. The pokemon also had split majestic tailfin. A fine healthy vaporeon. Her name is Marea and she was one of he’s closest friends and as usual she greeted him with a big smile.
“Hi Nix what’s up?”

That phrase was the only and only thing that could make the young eevee’s day.

“Oh hi Marea! Everything is fine besides the usual problem…”

“The nightmare’s again?”

“Yes the damned nightmares that make me want to climb a mountain and jump, tied to a graveler just to be sure…”

He suffered from those nightmare’s for almost a year, and they were always the same! A mismagius was chasing him and without warning he was falling through some kind of gate or perhaps a portal only to keep falling and falling.

Marea saw the fear and worry imprinted at Nix’s face and she quickly changed the subject.
“Want to go get some breakfast Nix? I heard that Granny you know the old nidoqueen; is making pancakes with pecha berries! They are delicious!”
Thankfully she knew Nix’s buttons as his mood quickly changed.
“Sure that sound’s great” he said with a small smile as they raced each other to the nearby village.

(P.S i want to thank Agunimon for the help and btw Silvijo i was weighted down by life and i will try to update and be online more.As usual feel free to correct my mistakes and starting from chapter 3 i will start accepting characters from you guys i will inform you about that at the next chapter :joy: :joy: :joy: )

It’s great to see that you took my advice and used it in your story.
I can actually see improvement, the story is pretty good IMO.
Maybe you should add everything on the first post and spoiler it,would be easier to read ^^ .

Accepting characters?
That’s great, though I have to think of one before recommending you…
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but that wouldnt be fun :joy:

Chapter Two: From training to running

Nix couldn’t believe his luck, in just one day he had been attacked, chased, almost killed by a psychotic mismagius that wanted… Wait what did she wanted again? Oh right revenge!
He hadn’t done anything to her, but still here he is now running for his life, dodging attacks from a flock of murkrow but for how much longer?

Seven hours earlier

“Marea you were right! Those pancakes are AMAZING!”

“Told you so” Marea added with a small smile.

Both of the eeveelutions or best said one eevee and an eeveelution were inside a small housemade of wood owned by a kind nidoqueen whom all the pokemon in the forest called Granny.
The two friends were enjoying their pancakes as well as bunch of oran berries without knowing that several miles away from them a mismagius was laughing at their ignorance.

The mismagius named Ravenna was watching them from the safety her library provided. Despite the moss growing on the walls, the half rotten wood that decorated her paintings, the aged statues of her and the suspicious mirror that was floating in front of her she felt like she was at home.
The mirror was one of her most valuable treasures she had acquired; it allowed her to watch anyone anywhere so she could study their moves and strike them when they were vulnerable. And that’s what she was doing right now. She was watching the innocent eevee planning not to destroy him. Oh no that would be very easy and of course too much cliché. She would torture him make him suffer emotionally and then she would destroy him enjoying every second of his death.

Finishing their pancakes they thanked the nidoqueen and left the small wooden house. While they were walking the trail that lead to the village Marea all of a sudden had an idea.

“Nix are you in for some training? Come on that would be fun! Maybe you could learn an attack or two!”

The young eevee started to complain saying things like:
“I don’t think it’s a good idea” or “I don’t know”

But Marea had already decided for him. Getting that serious look she glared at him.

“We-Are-Going-To-Train whether you want it or not!”

Gently biting the eevee behind the neck she carried him to the training grounds of the village so he could not run away. After a five minute walk they were crossing the small gate to the village. Marea finally allowed him to escape dropping him to the ground.

“Ouch that hurts you know!”

She ignored his comment and started to walk towards to the training grounds.

The training grounds compose of three fields, a small hill and the usual lake Nix instantly recognized.

“Ok furball lets train shall we?”

He knew he couldn’t avoid it when Marea wanted something it was over, she would get it.
They started with tackling each other, Nix managed to use Refresh to heal himself from the aftermath of a Toxic and practiced his quick attack as well the move Baby-Doll Eyes which mysteriously had an interesting effect on Marea; she lost, at least for a couple of seconds, the will to attack him. He grabbed the opportunity and landed a Take Down, making the vaporeon faint.

They were really exhausted all that training had left them to pieces. They reached the entrance of Nix’s nest and they said their usual’s goodnight and I will see you tomorrow.

They were wrong, so awfully wrong…

A couple of minutes later Nix was running, his nest was burning along with the rest of the tree that guarded it.
A mismagius and a small army composed of murkrow were chasing him.
He couldn’t not escape, while he was running he heard something about revenge?

They were coming closer now.

In a desperate attempt to escape he used his quick attack soon realizing that he couldn’t and wont escape as he miscalculated and went straight to a nearby tree…
Falling into the peace darkness offered he saw the smirk imprinted on the mismagius face…

(ok Chapter two is here tell me if you liked it feel free to correct my mistakes if there are any and of course enjoy! :joy: )

Chapter three: All the hearts have to beat

The last thing he remembered was a sharp pain on his head. Nothing more nothing less. Slowly the young eevee got on his feet and began to examine the environment as well to try and refresh his memory.

“Ok first things first; where am I and how did I get here?”

He was in a room a prison like room; the floor was made of rock, there was not a single window here the only source of illumination was an old and rusted iron torch. It provided light, dim light but light nonetheless. The only fact that surprised Nix was that there was no door. Not a single one. He was trapped here with no food or water, no windows and no escape.

“Ok don’t panic, stay calm you are going to figure this out….somehow…”

He searched the entire room, there was not a button or a switch. There wasn’t anything unusual. Correct that. There was not a single thing in that damned room! Only the floor beneath his paws, four walls and a ceiling. Wait. There was not a ceiling.

“There is not a ceiling?!?!? Maybe there IS a way out of here! But how?”
He was right there were no stairs or a ladder or generally speaking something to climb.

“Ok back to plan number 1. I wait here and I hope for the best…”

Meanwhile inside Ravenna’s laboratory

Ravenna was happy, well happy is a bit too abstract to say. Perhaps filled to the top with that wonderful feeling you experience when you have no enemies left. No possible threats. Now there was nothing standing between her and total domination. And what a threat indeed. A plain eevee without any special powers. But that threat was nothing now, not anymore she had him prisoned at the bottom of a pit without food, without company, without nothing. Just him and his pathetic body.

“Finally I am going to get my revenge! With extra suffering for that eevee of course!”

Turning so she could face her mirror, which was floating in the middle of her laboratory, she said with an unusual sweet tone:

“Mirror mirror on the wall who is the strongest of them all?”

And the mirror magically answered
“The eevee filled with power and the touch of luck is the strongest of them all milady”

The voice echoed through the room, making the mismagius shiver as her mind continuously screamed at her that an eevee is stronger than her.

“Not for long……”

Lost in her evil thoughts she smirked as she realized an amazing fact; at least for her. It was time to put the plan in action.

Quickly floating through the laboratory, down the stairs and out at the gardens she started to summon a pair of ghostly orbs. The purple orbs hovered for a couple of seconds in front of her and started to multiply to the point they were at least 12 of them spinning like crazy around the queen.

And all of a sudden they stopped.
Back at the pit Nix felt something strange, opening his eyes he found out that he was floating a meter above the ground.

“What is happening to me?!?!”

A voice echoed through his head making his small head explode from pain:

“I am just simply taking revenge”

That was the last thing he heard as his heart stopped it’s never lasting pace beat by beat until it was not beating at all.
And the lifeless body was dropped to the icy cold floor as the mismagius laughed maliciously.

“Everything is going exactly according to the plan…”

(First of all Nix is not going to die secondly feel free to correct my mistakes if there are any and of course enjoy!) :joy:

You just ruined your own cliffhanger there :cry:

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Chapter Four: Dimensional Screams

Above the sparkling sea, high just below the white and calm clouds stood an island. Hidden from plain view, covered by the power of the time dragon himself, protected from any kind of threats. Plain but yet… beautiful…

The hidden land was breath taking, it had survived many disasters, had survived the Time Crisis. An event not many pokemon could erase from their minds. Who could forget the almost destruction of time itself? The event was engraved in history books, in fairy tales, the whole crisis story was passed down from generation to generation, from mouth to mouth, from mother to daughter and from father to son. Still it is just history and as always details were misheard or just were ignored willingly or not. The hidden land was one of those details. Nowadays everyone knows only half the story. That two brave pokemons, accompanied by a common thief traveled to the summit of a tower and battled a pokemon that could control time. And that’s all according to the books today.

Hidden Land was forgotten as well as the identities of the pokemon that saved the whole planet from freezing in time.

Above the island, there was a structure; a tower, most importantly the Temporal tower. Temporal tower had twenty four floors, once filled with various pokemons now the floors where empty only a faint ticking sound, like the ones clocks make, was heard near the summit of the tower.
If hidden land was breath taking then the summit of the tower, the Temporal Pinnacle was beyond imagination. The floor was made of marble, shining with pride as the rays of the sun bathed it. Twelve pillars also stood there, in a circle and at the back of the pinnacle stood something like a wall with five gear like symbols engraved on the wall, emitting a green light.

The creator of time stood there accompanied by a small pixie like pokemon. Dialga and Celebi stood there or more likely Celebi just watched in fear and Dialga talked to himself…

“Master what are we going to do?!”

“My dear Celebi we can’t do anything right now. We can only watch the time stream unfold, and wait for Nix’s destiny to come true…”

The statement of the time deity only managed to upset more Celebi as she floated back and forth panicking.

“But Master……if the she-devil continues her path…there will be no destiny to fulfill… Nix will die… and if you watch where the stream is heading you will see my Master tha-“

“I know Celebi, the tower will collapse, time will stop and then shall come an era of darkness…”

Celebi ignoring her status shouted back at the dragon, her every single breath dripping with anger and venom


“Celebi please calm down… Nix will endure, he will survive, he will-“


She had to stop, she was emotionally charged and Dialga knew that.

“Celebi that’s enough!”

The little pixie, overwhelmed by her sorrow started to cry. Her cry echoed through the tower. She didn’t know what to do…
“I won’t leave Nix helpless. I will help him in his journey”

“Master what journey? His very soul is traveling through worlds right now unable to materialize itself…”

“And that’s how we should help him in the first place…”

“Help his soul materialize?”

She was shocked. Her master… Dialga the creator of time… who had powers only Arceus could rival… Wanted to break the rules…

“Yes little one yes… By helping his soul materialize we could change the time stream and create a better future…but the path is his own to follow, we will help him and unfortunately… watch as he travels between worlds…cursed by the witch to never find his way home…”

“But he will! Won’t he Master?”

Dialga could not answer…at least not now…everything in Nix’s future was cloudy all was a blur nothing more nothing less…

“Master? Answer me will you? Please Master say something!”

“I….I…I don’t know….”

“He will survive Master! Just wait and see!”

“I hope so my dear…I hope so…but now…”

“Now what master?” Celebi asked wondering what he would do

“Now it’s time to give him a little gift shall we?”

“The dimensional scream? Master I am sure you are aware of the fact that the scream works only in the presence of time gears and strong friendship! And Nix right now has none of them!”

“I know I know…I will change the scream so he can see his path…it will help him decide his course over the history and most importantly…survive”

“Will it work?”

“Of course it will…if it could work on humans it can work on an eevee!”

Saying that Dialga let out a mighty roar as Nix’s soul was finding its way back to its body, empowered by the unearthly power of the dimensional scream.

“And now Master?”

“Now we watch and hope for the best” he said as he teleported the fainted eevee somewhere safe…away from the touch of Ravenna…at least for now….he was safe…

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(Authors note: Sorry for the late update i got busy with life and blah blah blah you can guess the rest anyway Chapter 5 is here so enjoy!)

Chapter 5: Misty terrain

All he could see was light…White…pure….blinding light…it felt comfortable though….

“It’s okay….” A voice suddenly broke the silence startling the young eevee.

“Who are you? Where are you? Where am I?”

Much to his surprise the voice didn’t answered back…leaving him alone wherever he was…
Speaking of which where was he? He could only see light and traces of fog. Not the bad kind of fog….the pleasant and elegant kind…

“Am I dead? Is this the Heavens?” He started to talk to himself.

“Please someone say something!” the only response was his desperate voice echoing through the strange place.
And all of a sudden he heard an elegant voice.

“Don’t be afraid little one…you are not dead…yet…”

“Yet? What is that supposed to mean?”

“My little eevee you are in a gap between the real world and the realm of the dead…”

“I am trapped between life and death?!? Why? I don’t even remember how I died in the first place!”

“You don’t?”

“No….” Nix said with tear filled eyes.

“Please don’t be upset…Do you want to hear the whole story? About your death?”
Nix did not answered back and after a minute of unearthly silence the voice started to explain Nix how he died.

“Nix to begin with its not your fault…Somebody else killed you using the darkest and most foul magic. Does the name Ravenna seem familiar to you perhaps?”

Ravenna….he had heard the name before…recently? No he could not remember…
“I think I might have but…no it does not ring up something”

“Nix…Ravenna is a mismagius…who also happens to be a very powerful queen…and a witch…a strong witch with the power to control all kinds of magic that are dangerous and will eliminate everything or perhaps at your case…anyone, who stands up to her, at the past at the present and at the future…”

“A mismagius named Ravenna killed me?”

“Not just killed you Nix…She ripped your soul out of your body and sent it to wander the world, unable to find the way back.”

“If that is the case then why am I here?” Nix asked troubled about his own fate.

“You are here because an entity saw that the world would change if you remained dead and helped you find your way back…Do you have any questions?”

He had lots of questions…a ton of them just exploding inside his mind, but he had to stay focused.
“Why Ravenna wanted to kill me?”

“….I am afraid I can’t answer that….”

“Why is that?”

“I can’t because you will change your own fate if you knew…”

“What am I going to do now?”

“I am afraid I can’t answer that either….”

“Why won’t you answer my questions?” he asked puzzled

“I can’t answer that too Nix, my deepest apologies…Is there anything else you want to ask?

He had to think carefully…he had to ask something that would force the voice to answer him. And without warning he remembered something. He knew what to ask and there was no running away from it.

“If this is the gap between worlds and theoretically I am dead…where is my body and most importantly who are you?”

“I can answer only one of your questions…As for where your body is…it is at a location hidden in plain sight…”

“Can you PLEASE stop with the enigmatic voice and answer me for once?”

“Your body is –“

A loud sound interrupted the voice. It sound as it was coming from all directions without warning.
“Nix we don’t have much time! In a few moments you will be merged with your body. Head to the east and find-“
Another sound louder than the previous one interrupted the voice again as the fog started to disappear and some kind of…powder? Or perhaps some shiny dust started to fall all around Nix.
“It is time…be strong…be safe…and remember…Power gained by murderous means is your greatest enemy. The body that burns with stolen fire will become her funeral pyre…”

“How is this riddle going to help me?!?!?” He asked as another much louder sound, something that sounded like a thunder made him cringe.

“It will. Someday it will.”

“Before I go back can I ask something? What is your name?” He asked as he felt like something was pulling him to the ground.

“Nix fortunately I can answer that. My name is-“

A louder noise than the others before made his ears almost bleed from its volume.
Without warning he passed out.

Chapter 6: Human world and tasty food

At the heart of surprisingly, a human town specifically at the middle of a dark alley a small creature was laying there unconscious. Its fur damp from the previous storm and its body a bit thin like the pokemon hadn’t had a meal in days. Unaware of the two figures that were approaching him Nix was carried away. The figures were actually a young girl barely in her late 17 and a much smaller boy around 10 years old.

“Anna what do you think happened to this poor eevee?”

“Ben I don’t have a single idea what happened or who would abandon an eevee just like that in the back of an alley. If your ball hadn’t rolled all the way here we wouldn’t have found it and it would have surely died.”

Anna had a soothing voice. The kind of voice that can soothe even a gyarados. She managed to calm her young brother despite the fact that she was deeply worried about the unconscious eevee at her hands.

After a five minute walk they reached their home. A three floored apartment which they luckily owned. Unlocking the door they entered the ground floor.

It was rather simple; the living room consisted of two comfy sofas a square table in the middle and a television while a large carpet decorated the marble floor. The Living room was connected by a hall to four rooms and a bath room while a wooden spiral staircase connected the upper levels with the ground floor.

After a minute or two Ben desided to speak.
“Sis what should we do now?”

“Go find a blanket and a pillow and make a bed for it and I will go and search the bathroom for some bandages, both of its front legs are grazed.”

Time seemed to pass quickly for the two siblings. Ben made a small bed for the eevee which consisted of blankets and a pillow in the middle and Anna found a potion which she sprayed on the bandages. Then she carefully wrapped the bandages at the hurt legs of the eevee.

“Okay now little bro we wait for it to heal and tomorrow we will find something for it to eat.”

Nix POV:

‘Ugh where am I?’ I attempted to stand up but a painful sting at my front legs prevented me from doing so.
‘Okay Nix don’t panic! First of all check the environment around you! I am currently on a… pillow? How did I get here? I can’t remember a single thing… Wait what is that smell?’ I carefully sniffed the air around me only to find out that a human…wait TWO humans were extremely close to me.

“Aw big sis isn’t he the cutest little thing you have ever seen?”

“Yes Ben he so ADORABLE!”

The human female attempted to hug me and the small and innocent eevee I was I answered with a bite at her hands. I was a pokemon for Arceus sake not her daily hugging doll!

“OUCH! Ben he bit me!”

Yes fear the adorable thing you tried to hug! I was not going to let my guard down easily! They want a hug?


I jumped without warning to the human female and started to bite her like there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately my attacks were a failure because of my stupid hurt legs and the human male that grabbed me from my fur collar.

“Bad eevee! We don’t bite people!”

Ha! Don’t blame me! She attempted to hug me!

“Eevee I have no idea what are you talking about” he laughed at me and I responded with a failed bite attack.

“Anna what are we going to do with him?”

“Just lock him in the Guest room upstairs until we find some food for him”

The human male called “Ben” carried me up to a room and softly dropped me to a bed. Yes lock the poor eevee in a room! Humans are idiots that’s for sure… At least they have not captured me with those weird balls…

I carefully searched the whole room for a way to escape but with no avail. The door was locked, windows were locked too and there was NOTHING I could use to kill some time here. Only a human bed, a square wooden thing with something else that humans used to create light. I had seen one of those when me and Marea- Wait where is she?! Great no friends, No food, no escape.

I jumped at the bed and stared the world outside my prison from the window.

A human was playing with a Rattata across that black path humans used to travel on with their machines. The rattata was seemed so happy with that human… maybe they weren’t that bad after all…

The sound of a door cracking interrupted my thoughts as a wonderful smell invaded my nostrils.

It was that human female again and she was holding food! But I am not trusting her so easily!

“Here you go eevee! You must be very hungry! I prepared this by myself and there is also some more if you are still hungry. Enjoy!”

And with that she left the room leaving a plate filled with brown pellets THAT SMELLED AMAZING! I gulped down each and every single of those tasty pellets filling at last my stomach with something.

For a human she sure knows how to cook for a pokemon. I slowly made my way to the human bed which seemed so comfortable and soft… and I fell asleep dreaming about Marea and that mismagius that tried to kill me…

(authors note: Sorry for not updating soon school came in the way and blah blah blah any tell me your opinion about this chapter because I have no idea if I got that POV change thing right. Enjoy :joy: :joy: )

Its good that you didn’t leave your story behind.
Well…very much text I suppose, I would tell the name of the male human earlier though because he appeared a little bit earlier than his name has been stated.The rest is good.

Sil that wouldn’t be fun wouldn’t it? hahahah im just joking anyway thanks for the advice and as for the text fanfics must be long mustn’t they? :joy:

Chapter 7: The Eon, the Ghost and the Dome

The sky… The earth… Even the air itself felt twisted… I was in the middle of a field surrounded by debris and ruins as I dodged another Shadow Ball using my own Quick Attack…

There she was chasing me… wanting something I couldn’t give her…

She is getting closer now… way closer… I tried to escape the approaching devil but I failed… she had captured me. I couldn’t even move… My body was emitting a ghostly aura… Crimson red as blood…

Closing my eyes I waited for that final strike… that hit that would erase me… that could free me from her grasp…

It was only a couple of seconds…or minutes? Perhaps an hour? Two hours? Days? Months? A whole year? I could even know, but one thing was sure… I was alive… she was just there; floating a meter away from me with a clear shot but no… I was still alive. No balls made of shadows were formed, not a single drop of blood had been dropped and yet… her piercing red eyes were looking at me as if the witch was trying to burn me alive with her look…

Eventually, breaking the silence the witch spoke…

“Interesting… Very, very interesting…”

All of a sudden I knew what she was talking about; A small dome was around my paralyzed body emitting a shiny almost gold aura…

“Heh… I should have known better…” Saying that she floated closer to me when a weird tesla like sound filled my ears as the dome glowed a lustrous pink… Ravenna was violently being pushed back by a jolt or white lightning.

Floating back on her place she stared the cloudy sky with a small smirk.

“You can’t protect him forever you know… after all you were the one who showed me that certain spell…”

I saw everything at slow motion; Ravenna firing the attack while a jolt of lightning was coming from the clouds above aiming at her head…

The lightning found its target…and … so did the witch’s attack…

Piercing through the dome which cracked and broke like glass, Ravenna’s attack send me flying only to stop midair to set me on fire…

The pain… it was…too much…I couldn’t bear it… Pokemon’s are meant to be able to withstand attacks… yet it made me feel like each and every single cell of my body was on fire… And I exploded, to countless little pieces which disintegrated… In the end there was nothing left of me to witness my presence there…only the barren scenery…

I woke up, my eevee fur damped from sweat, my heart was beating like crazy… It was a nightmare… just a harmless nightmare…

I tried to relax but there was no use… Outside was raining hard, and the door to the rest of the Human house was locked.

Finally feeling sleep enveloping me, I drifted away… in the safety of my mind… and the darkness it provided from the world…

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