Cuteness Overload!

I didn’t see a forum for posting cuteness, so I decided to make a thread for all the cuteness that can give a person diabetes. So, post all that cuteness!

So, my first post of cuteness will be in this video.

Ohgod Sandlava that’s so cute~

(Look at Aphrodi staring at that olive kyaaaa~ /dies from cuteness/)

Picture shows it all…
Nothing is cutter

spamming you with chibi inazuma pics



…No comment

HELLO! >w<

Does it have to be Pokemon?

if it doesn’t, this beats everything.

It is in General Discussion, so, yeah! Anything that can burst the hearts of others with cuteness is what you should post! But make sure it fits in the forum rules!

… Man, I feel like a staff member when saying that. Me want!

why am i spamming you with chibi inazuma pics

ohwell doesn’t matter it’s cute anyways

I win

nope i win

._. you both lose…
Pachi always wins.

That’s adorable. A

young hiroto

fear him