Cutest pokemon teams

I was bored so I drew some pokemon duos that are cute. What do you think is a cute pokemon team? Feel free to draw and post, even if its just a quick doodle.

runs in the family

How cute, and I love the way you did the shape of charizards head. He looks more reptilian!

Both of you are really good i’m still at the stick man machoke level :joy:

Even a stick man machoke would be funny tho hehe!

Anyway this linoone is a request for Clairen :@~@:

Cool! do an Alola Raichu one please? :D

Sorry…I tried :o.ol:

Thats amazing! where/how did you learn to draw?

Thank you :@~@:
I didnt take any serious art class but I liked to doodle animals since I was really little. Probably cause of all the cartoons I watched hehe. And Im really bad at traditional art of any kind tbh :P