Digital's Guide to Friendship Forest(WIP)


DigitalVaporeon"s Guide to Friendship Forest

Welcome! Yes I am the insane individual who decided to spend the time in FF to make a guide, despite my username which was based upon the first character I made, My main character is called DIgitalVaporeon. I am making this guide to help you through the lovely not dungeon known as Friendship Forest, or FF for short. (Dear Arceus i"ve begun to enjoy this dungeon, have I lost my sanity?)

------Update Log------
10/18/2015 -The guide was posted and edited once.
10/19/2015 -Added the Expectations log, put entrance section closer to the front.
10/21/2015 -Rejoiced about having internet again. Added titles for future sections.
10/22/2015 -Added more on Floor layouts
10/24/2015 -Added a notice on my progress
1/12/2016 - Added some Recruit Rates
1/16/2016 - Added link to Carlos"s guide, added sprites to wild pokemon RRs
8/4/2016 - Came back from the dead, revised a few things.
This is just a small list of what I plan to add.
-Items(45% Missing Screenshots?)
-Recruit rates and wild pokemon (95% complete,which floors are which on? )
-Recruit rates for Eevee at different levels (Maybe)
-Revised order of each section
-Credits section (100% Needs to be added)
-Missions(100% Needs to be added)

Alright, so FF itself is far east of grassroot, when you get there it"ll look like this.

This is what it looks like right before you enter it after you use rock climb.

Just outside is a Kangaskhan statue and a Chimecho Assembly…Sign, so don"t worry if you don"t like your team, as long as you bring the pokemon with rock climb you can make any edits you like once you get there.

Don"t rush in yet! We still have a few more things to go over like the supplies you need before entering.


First off we have the restrictions, From here on out I will refer to Friendship Forest as FF.

Once you enter FF your party will be set to level 15, so only moveset and which evolution of a pokemon you are matter stat wise.

You must have two people in order to complete it, you can have three or four if you want but you must have at least two people or you will not be able to get far.

This isn"t exactly a restriction, but you can only access FF if you have rock climb. This basically means you need access to Tanren and technically HMs Cut,Rock Smash and Rock Climb to get to it.


-Food, bring lots of it. bring at least a page of big apples or big green apples. If you run around too much you will starve.

-PP bring plenty of Ethers too, you never know how long you"ll be in there and if you"re Eevee hunting the last thing you want to do is run out of PP.

Alright so I"m sure the reason some, if not most, of you are going into FF is Eevee. Right now it"s the only place you can get it so It"s fair enough I tell you some tips on getting one.


First off is recruit rate, or RR, at the lowest level you must be to recruit an Eevee, with no bonus percentage from items the Recruit rate is 7.9%. This will increase with your level, the items listed below will also raise it when held. Also note that all Eevee are at most level 24, so make sure you"re level 24 before you go for one. Don"t forget to have an empty slot in your party either!

Holding a Friend Bow will increase it by 10%
Holding a Soothe Bell with increase it by 1%


If you haven"t already guessed from the fact you need two people to get an Eevee, they don"t spawn throughout the entire dungeon. In fact they only spawn on two floors, You"ll only find an Eevee on floors B4 and B5 so don"t waste honey before then.


Alright, so If you"re Eevee hunting chances are you aren"t gonna wait around for 20 minutes for an Eevee to spawn naturally. So how to avoid this? It"s pretty simple, bring honey. Honey automatically spawns some pokemon so just faint as many as possible, use honey, rinse and repeat. Also note that Eevee are around level 22 when you recruit them even though you have to be level 24 to have any chance of having one join you.

All Recruit Rates are for level 24 pokemon, yours may be a bit higher or lower depending on your rank (Bronze, silver,gold,master, ect)




17,1 %





17,1 %






17,1 %






Layout West
The layout of this floor is really just a large spiral off walls that make you loop around a few times.

Layout East
Nothing really changes on the east side of this floor.

This floor has no doors or switches.
Friendship Clearing

Complete Guide to Switches and Doors in FF

~Click the link below~


Cool guide, DigitalVaporeon! I am sure it will help many a people looking to recruit themselves an Eevee in game! :'D

I see that this is a work in progress, but you’re definitely on the right track!

I had a couple recommendation, maybe put the entrance portion to the front? Since that is essentially the first step to doing the dungeon, it may make more sense that way!

Things to consider for your update:
(but definitely not all things)

[ul][li]Number of Floors[/li]
[li]Recruitables (floors and recruit rates)[/li]
[li]Wild Pokemon[/li]
[li]Secret Room?[/li]

Best of luck with your guide, I can’t wait to see the finished version!


Thank you so much for your feedback! Honestly some of these things I completely forgot about when I was trying to get the bulk of everything in. I will make sure to add as many of these as possible In my next update. I’m glad you like what I’ve got so far and I’ll definitely see about moving the Entrance section to the front.At this point I just need someone who will stick around long enough for me to get all my facts.I hope you will like the final product just as much (And hopefully more) than the draft.


I am sure I will, if it continues on like this! :'D
I would suggest checking up on some other Game Guides as well! You don’t have to follow their templates, but they can give some inspiration on information or organization!

And you picked a very unique dungeon to guide too! So, you will have a lot of unique things of your own~

Another thing that should help out, is our Friendship Forest WIkia Page !

Again, best of luck! I’m sure you will do fine~


I would follow Char’s suggestions! But so far, I’m really liking this guide, even if I’m not a big fan of the dungeon itself.

Keep up the good work! :joy:


(psst! this is just your friendly neighbor Char here! Letting you know Carlos posted a Visual Guide as well! Me thinks you guys should totally link up your guides! )
You guys can focus on different things, like Puzzles vs Items/Pokemon. Just putting the idea out there~ c:

///ends up posting 5 more times in this thread lol


xD, yeah I know. Carlos offered to let me use his pictures a couple days ago, I think I’ll take a look and what he has when he finishes before I decide anything. Thanks for the update though!