Discussion about "Marathon" Event

There have been quite a bit of complaints about the weekly event “Marathon”, especially from the one this week, so I definitely would love to see complaints and ideas on how you feel like Marathon could be improved.

Personally, I feel like (at least with this week), the participation tokens were far too low for the effort put into it, and if you didn’t reach top 9, you only got those 5 tokens, while others would get 3(?) more plus a ribbon. It’s a little unfair because of how repetitive and RNG based (thanks to the numerous amount of traps in the dungeon) the dungeon itself is.

I feel like Marathon isn’t exactly amazing in design due to the fact that it does not do what I personally feel like events SHOULD do, which is bringing the community together in a fun and exciting way while still making the rewards fair for everyone so that people can feel obligated to participate.

There’s a lot more I could probably add to this initial statement, but I definitely want to just put this out there to see anyone else’s opinions.


Ok, I 100% disagree with this. Marathon was always like this, and most the complains came from people who had days that joined the game and doesn’t have the experience to create a stable team for that event (Support / 1st Fighter / 2nd Fighter in marathon).

It’s been like that, always the 1st place gets 3 extra tokens, 2nd gets 2 extra tokens and 3rd gets 1 extra token. Part of weekly events are competition, and by the same, you have to test all your skills to try to win, not everyone is going to win something always (Same with Confusion Race, Auction or even Stadium). Including, most of the traps can be excellent covered by safeguard, and it’s pretty suggested use a high PP moveset in case Zero PP Traps gets you. Also, as participation tokens (As the name says…) it’s a way to make sure at least you are there and also, playing the event that staff team organized despite their tight schedules (For not saying, it’ll be rude just go when participation tokens are given).

It shares the same with Staff Days Off and Breaker Maps. They just give 4 tokens + participation because they are solo/team events. What I say again, Marathon is a competition (And most of people gets very talkative when the race is on, so that means, they lose time and that’s a fact, that leads to, it’s their fault).

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Did any of you have footage of the event?
Because honestly… I have no opinion whatsoever until I know what it was like…

a few things.

i feel like this event

  1. should be slightly shorter, because the payoff for an essentially blind speedrun in which you can’t easily determine how well you’re doing is nothing if you lose and takes like… 50 minutes to an hour with optimal speed
  2. a better explanation of mechanics of the race at the beginning or in an announcement to make things fair for everyone, including but not limited to the existence of traps, enemy pokemon, and the checkpoints with participation tokens and healing beds.
  3. as other users stated, scripting some of the intro traps to be less punishing while ramping up later traps due to a learning curve. you cant “learn” this event easily since in only happens once a month (if that) so giving it natural progression would work better, IMO, and be slightly more fair to people who arent familiar. ex for intro traps being like, chestnuts or spikes while later being poison/confuse/pp zero

ive heard from someone that safeguard didnt work for them even though they prepared for the event FWIW

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pmu disc footage… gettin pretty desperate rn for the community so thank you

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There is infiltrator and Defog users in the marathon, and the 2nd one, removes safeguard status, so that means you’ll have to cast it Again.

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marathons actually really easy the traps are always in the shortest possible path in bigger rooms so just go around :pepehanderinos: but i see why people hate it cause no reward for lot of time/effort

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would’ve been better if the checkpoints gave tokens equal to which checkpoint it was. 1st -> 1, 2nd -> 2, 3rd -> 3, and so on and so forth. or y’know, if marathon never existed. ain’t fair to expect people to be happy with only way to get event tokens for the week being something that feels like it’ll give you carpal tunnel and it gives less tokens than an event you can just show up to and afk at.

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