Do you have a pokemon Oc or even a Pokémon character?

Just a question of curiosity, do you have an original character? Or even a persona of some sorts?

Yes, but I also never liked the word “OC” or “sona” personally. I prefer the term “thing I like and draw a lot to represent myself sometimes”

I like many Pokemon, I think I have at least 5 “favorites” on top of every other Pokemon I like, but out of them all I draw Spinda most because ( and this might come as a shock ), Its proportions make It easier to pose In artwork, allowing for more relatable scenarios. Does that make sense?

I love the Vanilluxe line dearly but It’s literally Ice cream so there’s not that much to work with In terms of art. When It comes to Pokemon In particular I don’t really consider “characters” that people create OCs. I feel like a Fakemon fits the term OC more, because It creates a new character/species based off concepts already In the series, Instead of “uh Umbreon but Its rings are green” or just literally any Pokemon but wearing clothing

Maybe I just take the word OC too literally, but way back when, my sister and I actually thought the term meant “Own Character”, which to this day still makes way more sense to me In general

I wouldn’t call the Pokemon I portray In my artwork “Pokesonas” as some people do either. It’s basically as If I caught them In one of the games and gave them a nickname, except I sometimes draw them doing things

Maybe regardless of my opinion what I’m describing Is by definition an OC or persona, but either way I still don’t really want to refer to It as either; It always felt like overselling what Is essentially me drawing Spinda rather than myself as a person because Pokemon are easier to draw than humans

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Yeah, kind of. A while ago, I used to enjoy roleplaying / creating OCs quite a bit, and even though I don’t do that nearly as much anymore now that I’m an adult, I’ve still got myself an Altaria OC that I sometimes like to pseudo-roleplay as (If you know what I mean; I don’t really have a better term for it).

His name is Bismuth. No surprise there.