Easter is upon us!

Holiday Cave has officially opened for Easter, eggs have scattered the cavern floors that are just waiting to be found. So what are you waiting for?

Happy hunting!

  • The PMU Staff Team

Pffft. unless it has the egg mechanic, or something that makes the dungeon not bland like summer hc was last year, i prob wont care lol.

Since im not able to participate till monday…anyone found somethin good from eggs already?

I would love to share what I have gotten but people do not want others to spoil.
I will give you this though, I got Rattata for my first HC pokemon <3

Looks epic!~ To bad whe cant play it atm because of lag ;~;


Egg huntin time 8D

Happy Hunting Everyone! Happy to see people seem happy and excited thus far. :)
Lol wiz! You got a troll eggg, Lolol!

I cant download this update D8

I Cant download this update also HELP Please.

Easter HC This year is really awesome,but…
The lag is ruining everything!

I like the square at HC!
And also i wanted that someone explains me the partner egg system,I WANT PORYGON!!!

Help me, I played HC but I had to leave my friends house, and now I’m stuck with a Mac! Help me I’m on floorr two, I got 3 eggs.

How long will this be on?
Any new gen 5?

How long is it?

It was awesome the 2 times the server would let me on PMU & in HC at the same time. XD

As my second HC during my time on PMU, I think it would be great excluding the lag. :3
I got three eggs in my first, painful, laggy run, but I hatched one. A rattata… xD

I am unlucky with eggs but at least i like all the pokemon xD :D :mrgreen:

  1. Most Holiday Caves are 2 weeks long, so my guess is 2 weeks.
  2. I have seen Sewaddle and Cottonee, so yes, there are new gen 5’s

Can someone Answer my question?
How this Partner egg system works…
I want smeargle,remoraid,PORYGON!,OMG I WILL GET YOU PORYGON!

Man, REALLY COOL :o ! But I almost can’t play because of lag. At least i already got a Pichu :D

If you are in a party with someone when you enter HC you will obviously go through the dungeon with them, as you have probably noticed you can get eggs in there aswell, but once you get to 40f+ the eggs have a chance of being the pokemon one of the people in ur party was WHEN THEY ENTERED THAT FLOOR.
Hope this helped and hope you get the pokemon eggs you want.

Holiday Cave has officially closed as of yesterday. We hope you enjoyed the event (And the extended weekend of Holiday Cave).

The cave shall return once more for our next holiday event.