Egg Missions


There’s going to be rage from a bunch of people, but I’ll explain to my best ability.

From missions, we usually get a certain item that may be useful or useless. So, I say we should add some Eggs to the fort! What would these eggs hatch? These eggs will hatch a Pokémon pertaining to the dungeon. But instead of the regular egg hatch, it would be expanded to even more Pokémon of the dungeon.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. It would be broken if you get an Egg Mission in Tanren Chambers. It would render events useless. But, remember the amount of missions we get. Only eight. And, with the rarity of how the eggs would vary, it might take a long time until you get an egg that you want from TC. Mixed in with the regular missions, it would be extremely difficult to find them. So, would it be broken?

Anyways, I’ll allow you to argue over how this suggestion is terrible or okay. I will clarify points that may seem a bit vague, so ask your questions!


This wasn’t so long suggested, but good thought.

Jrmon made one, proberly just a few posts down.

It seems people do agree though!!

But just another thing from my mind,
Wouldn’t it contain like troll eggs?(Rattata, Wurmple, Magnemite etc)

Or the pokemon from the Summer HC which might be no-longer obtainable? (Pinsir, Tropius, Kecleon, Aipom and Tangela etc)

Thank you for your time!



Chipper, Wouldn’t it be alot better if we had a dungeon for the Summer HC pokemon , I do agree with this suggestion maybe have uncommon or some starters as the egg pokemon?


Proberly, yes.

That was incase they chose not to make a dungeon for them.


This suggestion has been made already. And I disagre because i dont think its needed because most of the eggs we get is from holliday cave so sorry i disagree


Uh… No. If I recall correctly, the only Holiday Cave with eggs is Easter, otherwise all our eggs are dungeons.
Also double statement of “I disagree”
I like this idea, it’ll help people get eggs without having to scour the proper dungeon. Perhaps… it’s a random Pokemon you’ve seen?


I would say that the “troll” eggs would be rare for the harder dungeons, but more common with the easier dungeons. My suggestion states that it would be the Pokémon exclusive to that dungeon, hence why I stated TC with rare eggs for starters.

You know that this is mixed in with regular missions, right? So you might not get an Egg mission until like ten missions. You can find them on dungeon floors, but they only hold certain Pokémon. My suggestion states that it would expand on the eggs on the floor. Also, Easter only comes around once a year, and I’m sure users wouldn’t want to wait that long.


I think that the Pokemon in the eggs should be the ones recruitable from that dungeon. You shouldn"t be able to get starters because those are event only and I think they should stay that way so they are still event Pokemon. I understand that they won"t be in all missions, but, there should still be some restrictions for the Pokemon in the eggs.


I think if eggs were to be rewards from missions, it’d only result in more problems. People would whine about when they get something they didn’t want. People would get lucky and maybe get something overpowered. Just a bunch of problems, no one wants to deal with. I think eggs are fine as they are now.


Trust me when I say people will whine about literally EVERYTHING. You shouldn’t limit yourself just because a few people are complainers.

Furthermore, isn’t that exactly how eggs in places like PBA work anyway? You could get a Zubat or a Natu from any given egg. No offense, but your reason for wanting to decline egg missions doesn’t quite hold water. :[

Balance-wise, I bet staff could make certain pokemon (like starters and eevee) off-limits but make harder pokemon (like drifloon or porygon) obtainable. It could easily be manually balanced to where some pokemon are made “mission-egg only” while others are kept “event-only.”

Besides, it’s not like places such as TC don’t have 50 “junk” pokemon that could hatch. A person would have to do several missions just to get something decent let alone something they specifically want.


People should just learn to take what they get. You never know, you might’ve gotten a Zubat but it could have good egg moves.
Example with Pidgey, I hatched one from sky it It had Air SLash, Brave Bird Air Cutter.



if you got eggs from missions it would be the same as a recruitment so I don’t like this. this is not a good way to get pokemon. also it would be giving 2 pokemon cuz you can share missions.


well its ok ^_^


Incorrect. It’s not the same as recruiting Pokémon as it will have Egg Moves of that certain Pokémon that you usually do not find in Eggs, with allowing the training from Level 1. And anyways, it’s just another way to getting Pokémon. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or not. Also, you cannot share missions with yourself, so how can you get two Pokémon Eggs?


and also who says egg missions will be be able to be shared?



Eh-hem… So wouldn’t it be the same if you gave someone a mission for a TM Psychic or Thunderbolt, or insert powerful item here? The mystery eggs would be random. You won’t know what comes out of them prior to the mission. However, you will know if your mission rewards a powerful/desired item.