Everything about Rest Stops


Everything about Rest Stops

I made this topic in order to explain everything you should know about rest/spawn points, I will also try to indicate to what dungeons, towns and services they are close to. I will be grateful if you add any missing rest stop.


A spawn point is the place where your character will appear when you faint or use the command /giveup and where you will most likely heal your team. There are several spawn points in the game. Among these spawn point, some will be called rest points or rest stops. They are the more numerous spawn points and are known to allow you to warp to the crossroad in front of Grassroot, but you will only be able to set your spawn point on these spots for a fee.

List of all known Spawn points

The Crossroad

How to set as spawn point : Default spawn point at the beginning

Oh hello there, I never saw you around. Are you new? I’m Eeveelutor!.. Well, ok maybe not, I’m just Eevee. Huh, you don’t know where we are? At the Crossroad, silly! It’s right in front of [color=green]Grassroot Town There is also some beginner dungeons around, like Tiny Grotto on the left, Pebble Cave on the right, and Seaside Cavern down there. Well, there’s nothing much to do here, you should get going, see you around![/color]

Milly’s Inn

How to set as spawn point : By using the command /sethouse

Wake up, sleepy head, did you faint again? Well, if you just woke up breathing, congratulations! you have another chance. I own this inn with Snap. It is situated at the south east of Grassroot Town. [color=blue]This mean that you can find everything you need here before leaving for another adventure. I you don’t know where to go, why not considering talking with people and read signs? I think the closest dungeons are Sour Root Cave on the north east as well as Sunny Hillside and Happiness Lake both on the north west. Just be sure to come back in one piece![/color]

Your house

How to set as spawn point : by using the command /sethouse

In any main town, you will find a housing center, allowing you to access your house. You can set your spawn point here if you wish so. You may not have an assembly or storage in your house, but the town you are in will always offer all of the services you may need minus some move tutors.

Exbel-Winden Border

How to set as spawn point : fee (1 000 pokes)

Hello, I am Blissey. You’ve come a pretty long way, you should take a break! You are right between Exbel and Winden. Yup! If you continue up ahead, you will find yourself in [color=red]Winden Pass, leading directly to Snowbassin Town. You will need the move Cut if you want to go there, though. But worry not, you can access to your storage and your assembly right there! I wish you good luck on your journey.[/color]

Graceffa’s Rest Stop

How to set as spawn point : fee (2 500 pokes)

Hmm? [color=red]Mt. Skylift? Yes, it’s right here. Unluckily this dungeon is way too tough for me, but you could give it a try. Make sure you are ready to go before leaving, though. And if you really like this place, you can stay if you want, as long as you give me a little something in return. Also, there is a weird dungeon named Pitch-Black Abyss west from there, but maybe you already found it on your way?
There isn’t much more I can offer, if you need to get prepared, you should return to town.[/color]

Dolce’s Rest Stop

How to set as spawn point : fee (10 000 pokes)

Hello there! Climbing all your way here must have been a pain, you should rest for a bit, come warm you up! You are right in front of [color=red]Stormhold. This is very dangerous in there, don’t let the storm blow you away and prepare wisely with the assembly bell and storage statue outside. But the explorers staying at my place talk more about another dungeon called Sky Fortress so I assume there must be a quick way to go there from here…[/color]

Bonee’s Rest Hut

How to set as spawn point : fee (2 000 pokes)

Ah, a visitor! Welcome. Feel free to rest here… After all, you may want to enjoy a good night, if you are going to the haunted [color=red]Tanren Mansion. But if you’re just as brave as this Piplup here, you should return to Tanren City, south from here.[/color]

Tanren Ranch

How to set as spawn point : fee (2 000 pokes)

Welcome! Would you like some milk? Or maybe some orbs? [color=blue]Check out our shop! If you’s prefer to rest, there’re some nice stacks of hay around. Oh, you’re an explorer? Well, the back door leads to one of these weird dungeons you go all the time. They call it Rustic Savannah! I’ve also heard about another dungeon around named Deserted Tomb with an assembly and storage right at the entrance, isn’t that convenient?[/color]

Karia’s Rest House

How to set as spawn point : fee (7 500 pokes)

Ay there, are you staying a bit? Just leave me a fee and you can stay as long as you want, mate. The closest dungeon around is [color=red]Rocky Ravine in fact, we’re right next to it! But we’re also closer to Tanren Training Dojo than the town,
there’s no shop there, but I’m pretty sure they have all of what an explorer needs to prepare for an adventure. Or, if you’re as good as diving as I, you can head west and go to [b]Dragon’s Descent.[b] That place’s for the tough ones but hey! They have an assembly bell, a Kangaskhan statue, and even a shop down there! Seems like dragons are more attracted by fancy jewels than money, though…[/color]

Saia’s Rest Stop

How to set as spawn point : fee (4 000 pokes)

quickly glances at you You are an explorer as well? You may stay, as long as you have the money to. Yeah, that’s how I live, I’ve placed this Rest Stop right next to the [color=red]Mysterious Jungle, a popular place among explorers, it seems. And if there weren’t a Chimecho Bell and Kangaskhan Statue at the entrance, you can bet I’d make explorers pay for these, as well. Now enough talking, pay the fee or leave.[/color]

Oracle’s Rest Stop

How to set as spawn point : fee (3 000 pokes)

My crystal ball reveals everything. You made a long journey to reach [color=green]Greenport Town and you are now exploring the region of Archford. You are now in my Rest Stop, at the foot of Mt. Moon. It would be wise from you to rest, before facing the dangers awaiting you.[/color]

Night Talons’ base

How to set as spawn point : fee (3 000 pokes) - Only if you’re a Night Talon!

What a surprise, a fellow Night Talon! I am Zero, the leader. You can sleep soundly here, no Desert Fang will dare to enter. [color=blue]We even have a special shop, a box opener and an item cleaner here, but you may find some other good deals in the Dark Market, in the south west. A bell and a statue? I’m afraid I don’t know what you are talking about, try your luck in the Northern Settlement. Anyway, most of our services are charged, but all of the money will be used for our war against the Desert Fangs. Make a contribution by correctly preparing to face the dungeons around, there’s plenty of them in the Undercities.[/color]

Desert Fangs’ base

How to set as spawn point : fee (3 000 pokes) - Only if you’re a Desert Fang!

Ah, you are a new Desert Fang? Very well, you look pretty strong and we need guys like you to fight these Night Talons nerds! My name is Martha, I am the leader.
[color=blue]You will find a shop, a box opener and an item cleaner here, the Dark Market situated south west from here can offer some good deals, too. Assembly? Storage? I don’t know what you’re saying pal, maybe in the Northern Settlement? Also, our services may be charged, but we’re using the money against these cowards of Night Talons so contribute to our cause, it’ll help you face the dungeons of the Undercities, as well![/color]

thanks to Whimsy for the screenshot.


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Ooh, love it! This is honestly super useful, I had no idea how to set my spawn to places like Graceffa’s Rest Stop, because I never brought any Poke with me to it.