Fav. Pokemon Video Game

Hello, it’s Grovyle here, I want to know what is everyone’s fav. Pokemon game and Why?
I love PMD Explorers because it has great Story, Music, Plot Etc. it’s also great because it makes u feel emotions though out the story. :D

Hiya Suanne its Jt/Stripes/Vulkan here just telling you my fav. game is Pokemon Red! I chose this game due to the fact that it has Charizard on the front and it had Pkmn Trainer Red in it and NO im not a genwanner (or what ever its called)
Anyway it was my fav. game (next to pokemon Y #RIPShinyDelibird)

I really enjoyed Pokemon Silver when it first came out. It was a real step up from Pokemon RBY, I loved the region, and the music was absolutely gorgeous.

What’s up man, I’ll add u as a friend on forums, and I never played the first Pokemon game, but I just found out how to post stuff.

My favorite Pokémon game is the Mystery Dungeon series. I also enjoyed Pokémon X because I can customize my Trainer.

I love the Mystery Dungeon games the best. I’ve played through them a few times, as different pokemon, and they never get boring :joy:

I did love Pearl though, because it was the first pokemon game I ever played (I’d been watching the tv show since I was a kid, but I never had any of the games before that point). My starter was a chimchar named Blaze. Which is probably why chimchar is still one my favourite pokemon :D

I’d say pokemon pearl is my favorite pokemon game, it was my second pokemon game and the only one that got my family together, I got it a few months after it came out here where I live and my gosh all the hype we all ad was the best. I had over 300 hours on there and it was amazing. :heart:

Oh gosh

Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs and PMD: Explorers of the Sky tie it for my fave spin-offs.

PMD and PR honestly i probably love more the main game series lmaoo.

Though, PR: Guardian Signs and PR: Shadows of Almia i kinda love both almost equally (the original PR was faaaar too easy), Almia had the better plot but Signs had way better boss fights. I’ve always loved the free movement around maps that PR provided, and a lot of cool environments and stages exclusive to this game series. Plus pokemon following us :D

PLUS SIGNS’ ABILITY TO TAKE ON MULTIPLE QUESTS why did they wait for 2 of 3 games to put that in seriously.

I definitely think a part of my love for Sky Fortress in pmu is because they take some of my favourite sountracks from Guardian of Signs in the dungeons 8D.

Almia certainly had the way more fun plot, it felt kinda cool to feel like basically the pokemon police lmao. Plus i absolutely LOVED getting the 3 gems of vatonage like they’re my favourite story aspects.

But Signs’ dropped the bland music, (all of almias music felt like variations of like, 1 track and the original im not sure if it had more than like 6 tracks at all tbh), and gave us SOME COOL AS HAY BOSS FIGHTS. Even though the agitation was…agitating, it gave it some great capture dynmics and made some of the boss fights truly fearsome. We got to reuse captured pokemons assists if they didnt die in a capture, but well I needed them for some fights. I didn’t get as immersed into the story but on partically every other front, Signs wins.

PMD has been my favourite pokemon series outright. DEFINITELY more so than the main games. The dungeoning has always been fun and i think PMD has always had the strongest story within pokemon games for me - its the only series to have made me consistently cry.

Kinda sad that Sky/TD dropped my favourite thing from Blue/Red (controlling the leader so you could control random pokemon in town) but lets face it, blue/red was terrible apart from that aspect.
I was also sad to find the lack of maps in GTI outside of paradise, and even though it gave back control of leaders aside the protagonist it didn’t allow much with them so that kinda sucks.
I actually get PSMD in like, 2 days so i hope it improves on stuff.

Though, i was incredibly disspaointed in GTI and i have no idea what PSMD is like but it doesn’t look like it’ll live up to EoS (by far the best of the PMD series) so it might mean Ranger will overtake it in my league :P

And i think second…or maybe third if PR/PMD are both #1, or at least it merits in an honourable mention - pokemon conquest! I actually like this game far too much despite the pure pain of some stages and stories in the game, i absolutely love the combat system infact. And some of the sprites and aesthetics were delicious.

Of the main series of games i’m not actually sure. See, i’ve played them so many times they’re all boring to me! Hah!
Though, really…

BW/2 ranks highly here, imo, it had the best pokemon sprites in the whole series. It was the peak of the vibrant colours in sprites (the 3d transition makes all colours look kinda greyed…) and had some pretty sweet animations…and was the introduction of hidden abilites!

Plus it kept lore-soaked - something that many games struggled with was incorporating the lore of the world and their legendaries.
Only generation 4 and 5 (that is, DPPt and BW/2) managed to do this well imo.
DPPT - we had the legendary statue in Eterna, Cyrus in Mt Coronet (on the way to Hearthome), in both the lake legendaries were seen as key pokemon being as we try to find mesprit rigth at the start, save them before the Team Galactic main plan and they appear in Platinum in the distortion world, then have Cynthia and Celestic Town both of which provided lore on the legendaries…it was absolutely soaked in it!
BW/2 - this was secondary to generation 4 in provision of lore. In the original, from Nacrene city…the second gym the dragon lore began, being reinforced right away inside the big city and the desert and desert resort after. N kept up much of the lore, plus the parts after Driftveil included the Unova Trio, and through Iccurus and Lacunosa town respective to the first or second versions even more dragon lore was provided.
Even if sparsely, it provided much more lore than even HGSS - where lore was provided only if you happened to talk to specific NPCs and with the suicune chase…And ORAS provided more lore than the original, and yet the legendaries only seemed important at all when you go up Mt Pyre - pretty far into the game’s story, and with the Delta Episode. XY Lore? Hah! You get maybe 1 mention by Lysandre, and maybe 3 other mentions in the story (the guy in Anistar, Parfum Palace, and AZ himself) and only AZs story is of any importance at all…nevermind that only the guy in Anistar even focuses on the legendaries whereas the rest is mega evolution story.

BW/2 also introduced some of my favourite pokemon, and additionally, is the ONLY game where my challenge teams (a team limited by rules mostly that attack/sp atk cannot be above base 90 and defences cannot go above 120 and above 90 only if the base sp/atk is below base 70 with exception of niche specialities like shuckle) actually STRUGGLE to win major battles.

DPPT and XY comes second to that.
XY has post game which enables me to efficiently level pokemon up and breed for stuff, plus trainer customization!
And DPPT was…well…AMAZING. Not as amazing as BW/2, but in terms of story it surpasses EVERY single other main pokemon game for me. It’s always fun to playthrough, and it has the best post game being as we get that little island to explore…yet, unlike HGSS/BW2, it actually takes a while to explore. While you could run the whole island in less than an hour, to explore each nook and cranny took at least a day and Heatran’s Mountain was always incredibly fun. (HGSS Kanto is doable fully within a few hours, BW2 post game content routes were generally very short - except for Twist Mountain in 2 so again doable within a few hours.)