Favorite Game Ever?

Hello, everyone! I’m here to start some friendly discussion on the topic of favorite games! I hope this thread can be the host of many awesome conversations and opinions…I’m curious to see what everyone else’s favorite games are, so I can possibly get into some franchises.

Anyway, my favorite game of all time would DEFINITLY have to be Earthbound…actually, the entire Earthbound/Mother series in general! All of the games have interesting and great visuals (even though the graphics are a bit primitive on every console/handheld they reside on), the stories are usually AMAZING, and sprinkled with awesome, witty dialogue that I actually laugh at and enjoy…the battle system is a bit plain, but I still love it. The characters (though a bit flat), I love as well! I love all of the main heroes in every game, from Ninten, Ana, Lloyd, and Teddy, to Lucas, Kumatora, Boney, and Duster (don’t forget Ness, Paula, Lucas, and Poo!). There’s nothing I can say that can do this awesome franchise justice, so I URGE you guys who haven’t played it to please, check it out and give it a go. You won’t be disappointed. :heart: :heart: :heart:

I won’t get into much detail about this one, but my SECOND favorite game of all time is Chrono Trigger! :joy:

Definitely Final Fantasy 15. Meh, the story is a bit lacklustre but honestly I adore it. The convo’s everyone have, voice acting, combat, overworld and just honestly love everything about it. Without a shadow of a doubt my favorite game. 10 years worth waiting. <3

Currently I’m falling in love with a game known as Tales of Berseria though! I only started the Tales of series around 2 years ago starting with Vesperia. Since then I’ve played Tales of Innocence, Symphonia, Dawn of the New World, Tempest, Abyss, Xillia 1 & 2, Zestiria and now Berseria. I liked Zestiria but lacked a lot of things and Berseria seems to top it all off. :)

mine would be pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky ~~ its one of the first games i have ever played ! it had such a great recipe for a great game , ranging from the story , to the mechanics , to the system and the special episodes , to the great sound track , and the greatest of all , the FEELS , and how much great memories it filled me with :joy: :joy: :joy:

and pretty much … my second beloved game is … undertale pls dont kill meh >w<

It’s a little hard to decide which would be my top favorite, so I’ll just list them all xD

Banjo-Kazooie: One of the first games I ever got to play. I’m not even sure what to say because there’s so much I want to say. Banjo-Tooie was a great sequel, Nuts N’ Bolts is pretty decent too. I look forward to one day playing its spiritual successor, Yooka-Laylee.

Pokemon series: I honestly just can’t pick one game, I’ve loved all those that I’ve played. They’re also the reason for me getting into handheld gaming.

Dark Souls trilogy: There’s just something so satisfying about the gameplay, despite how punishing it can get. xD Dark Souls 2 has a special place in my heart as it was my introduction to the trilogy. :)

The Legend of Zelda: Another series I just can’t pick one as I loved all the ones I’ve played. I really want to play Breath of the Wild ;3;

Monster Hunter Generations: I just love all the changes this entry has brought to the series, and I look forward to the future localization of Double Cross. Honorable mentions to 3 Ultimate and 4 Ultimate.

Splatoon: Ever since I played the first Testfire way back in 2015 (omg, it’s been that long already), I’ve loved playing it. It’s so quirky and fun, and I’m hyped for Splatoon 2 :p

… maybe I’ll leave it at that. I feel this list isn’t going to end any time soon xD

Ahh this is tough! I play tons of games and choosing favorites is hard especially when I’m in the mood for a certain game/certain type of games one week and totally different the next (sometimes even months).

I always go back to, of course:

  • All the Pokemon games! I play Pokemon Showdown with my boyfriend for fun. The official Pokemon games on my 3DS, always buying every version of the new games out because collecting is my thing, and of course I play the heck out of PMU (although I’m on and off. varies). Then I play Pokemon GO as well because it’s pretty rad.

  • Killing Floor 1 and 2! I always go back to this game. It’s the typical zombie killing co-op but I don’t know it’s so much fun and has always been one of my number one favorites. Found it in like 2013, 2014 and I still play to this day pretty fricken often despite how repetitive it is.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! HECK! I love shooters especially when I can get ranked and destroy nOOBS. Found shortly after Killing Floor. I always come back. Also… gun skins are addictive and I waste so much money.

  • League of Legends! Not lately but it always has a place in my heart. Rek’Sai is my spirit animal and Kindred is my aesthetic. Volibear and Brand will always be in my heart, as my first two mains. I still love playing them to this day! But currently on LoL hiatus!

  • BLIZZARD GAMES!! Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft are definitely in the top few of my most loved games. Heroes of the Storm has for the most part replaced LoL on my favorites list. I love having those familiar Blizzard characters to play as. Heck yeah Rehgar and Abathur <3. Overwatch is definitely up there too but not as much as HoTS and WoW <3333.

  • Stardew Valley! Have been playing since shortly after it came out and it’s addictive. I love just the simple relaxation of playing it. It’s so fun. I love my farm animals so much ugh I just got little ducks I love them :’(

  • Oxygen Not Included! I decided to buy it thanks to Markiplier (who I watch often! cute lil’ man). It’s really fun and addictive and I grow close to my little duplicates. It definitely keeps me busy and keeps my brain engaged.


  • Tetris Friends! aka competitive Tetris. I LOVE TETRIS SO MUCH and for me to be able to TOTALLY WRECK real people in a game of Tetris is awesome. It keeps me so busy and keeps me sharp hehe. Surprisingly the game I will probably rage most at.

Ooh, this is a really tough decision, but probably Rune Factory 4 and Viva Pinata are probably tied to be my favorite.
Viva Pinata is soo relaxing and just helps with stress in general. I love the soundtrack too.
Meanwhile with Rune Factory 4 I just love the skill leveling system and how there’s soo many different things to do! It’s super fun to be able to go between battling and farming and making friends with all the characters in the game. Not to mention bringing them to story-related areas to see all the different dialogue they have. The event minigames are very fun as well. The story line is also great and I love that there’s a good dragon in the game, lol. Dragons are awesome but it seems like most of the time when you see a dragon in a game, they’re a bad guy you have to slay.

Thats a hard one, I love all kinds of game series aaAa

it’ll have to be a mix of Billy Hatcher, Kirby SSU or Pmd Sky ;w;


I seem to have a thing for games with the element of exploration, where you can go off the beaten path and maybe find something interesting.

Some early games I remember fondly include Kirby’s Adventure, the Super Mario Bros. games (1, 2, and 3), and Super Mario World. These games were for the most part linear allowing me to understand the basic premise of how to play, but there were opportunities to break away from the expected path. And believe me when I say that I tried my darndest to find all of the hidden exits.

Then there were games like Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and the Pokemon main series games which weren’t quite as linear. Sure, it still forced you along a storyline, but the way forward wasn’t always obvious.

Nowadays, there are plenty of indie options for an explorer like myself. Terraria is a rather fun game I occasionally play with friends, and recently I’ve been going through the struggle of playing the puzzle-laden game of La-Mulana.

Of everything that I’ve played through, I think that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time would perhaps be THE favorite if I could only go with one game.

Crash bandicoot.

All the Pokemon games - It’s pretty much my #1 video game series, so it’d be a shame if I didn’t mention it.

Kirby - So far, none of the Kirby games have been bad, and I quite like that. Plus, the characters are usually designed to be adorable.

Digimon Story games + Digimon World 1/ReDigitize/Next Order - I quite like the Digimon Story games as I can train more than one Digimon like with Pokemon, but the tamagotchi-like games are pretty nice, though I’ll admit I’ve only played ReDigitize out of those three.

Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask or Twilight Princess - I honestly loved the whole mask system in MM, and the whole quest feature made me feel closer to all the NPCs. I was pretty sad when I finished the game. As for Twilight Princess, all I have to say is wolves.

Animal Crossing - This series can be relaxing at times, but back when I played the games before the 3DS, I stressed over it.

Spyro - I really loved the original games back when I was a kid, and I still do.

My favorite games are Pokemon (the PMD series especially!), Zelda, Spyro (I only really like up until Hero’s Tail, after that it just turned bad :'c),
Animal Crossing, and Jak and Daxter!

i have quite a few, but not too many…!

  • Persona 3
    the game is amazing, it’s edgy, but has an amazing story and cast of characters i can relate too so much! the story has made me cry and i admire every bit of it…

  • Wadanohara And The Great Blue Sea
    it’s a simple RPG game but it has a cute cast of characters, and a very nice and interesting story, it’s cutesy art style fooled me and freaked me out terribly O_O

  • 100% Orange Juice
    few words need to be said… rage, friendship ruining, and it’s all done with cute anime girls (and a few boys)

[center]Here are the list of my favorite/favourite games!:
DiRT 3
Crash Bandicoot
Crash of the Titans
Super Mario Bros + Mario Bros.
Super Mario Galaxy
Pac-Man Vs.
All the PMD series, cause why not?
Pokemon Yellow/Red/Emerald/Platinum/HeartGold/XY/XD Gale of Darkness
I can’t forget about my most favorite game called Midnight Club - this game was my fourth game I have ever played I was too young tho.
Gran Turismo
Need for Speed Undercover.
Need for Speed most wanted.
Outrun 2006: coast 2 coast - the third game I played, I liked everything from it.
Sonic the hedgehog (sega genesis) - The first game I ever played, I love the stages.
and the last and not least! SONIC RIDERS! - My second ever game, I have beat everything from the game I was young too, I have played it with my brother also, it was fun!

Since the switch came out, I think now it’s Zelda Breath of the Wild. Words simply cannot express my love for that game. Now I wait for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Bomberman…

Pokemon Soul Silver

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