Favorite JRPG?

Title says it all. What’s your favorite? I have quite a few:
Fire Emblem Fates - I own near all Fire Emblems, and I just completed Fates, and wow I was amazed. It’s a game that gives you one heck of a challenge, especially when you get your own castle ground that you can build buildings and such. The story was also fantastic. Corrin never really hit me as much as Chrom in Awakening, but I still like Corrin nevertheless.

I could go on forever<3 But I won’t. What’s your favorite? :o

What does JRPG man??? I know what RPG means but not that.

Japanese Role Playing Game.
It’s pretty much the same as RPGs.
Search it up for more info if need be. x)

Then no, I don’t have one sadly.

I think GBA Fire Emblem is like… the pinnacle of Fire Emblem games, though, they definitely have some work to do too. lol Maybe that’s just my nostalgia goggles talking, but you NEED to give 6, 7, and 8 a try.

I really enjoyed Awakening’s characters and Fates for its revamped gameplay, but I wasn’t really impressed with the wimpy MC guided storyline. I’m in love with Owain, though. (MY SWORD HAND TWITCHES!)

Have you tried any Atlas games? Persona and SMT are both really solid series!

Honestly probably Fire Emblem: Awakening ;v; I havent been able to buy Fates yet, but Awakening is so good. I love the characters so much, they’re all very memorable for me and I find myself replaying the game a lot :'D

Honestly, when I think of Fire Emblem, I think of: bad writing, unlikable characters getting the spotlight, cringy spriting, money-grabbing DLC and forced deaths, that’s honestly what Fates gave to me when I saw it, honestly, the only thing Fates has done right is game-play (which is only Conquest, Birthrout and Irrelevations are a mess), I’d honestly say that different Fire Emblem games were best in different ways, for example: Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War (FE 4), released for the Super Famicom, was a game with a great story, they also didn’t screw up the child system and made it logical: no time travel, no dimension where they grow up in the blink of an eye, (spoilers) you actually fight as the children of the fallen heroes that are out to do what their predecessors failed to do. (spoilers end here) Fire Emblem Thracia 776 (FE 5), a game that takes place in the second half of Genealogy of the Holy War, is a masterpiece as far as complex gameplay and map design goes, it has a rogue-esque feel to it, you can capture enemies to take their items. (most of them don’t join you and anyone can capture if they have a higher build stat than their target, take that, Fates, Thracia did it before you and better) Now Fire Emblem Binding Blade (FE 6) for the GBA, took a step back in its complexity, it wasn’t great but it also wasn’t bad, the story was decent IMO. Fire Emblem 7 had memmorable characters, anmazing Hector Hard mode, and a nice plot with a nice bunch of plotholes scattered all around the game, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (FE 8) had a fairly simplistic plot, but amazing writing and supports, one of the most memorable IMO. Before I get to the Gamecube and fther games I wanna say FE 1 was the first game, so it didn’t have anything stellar about it, Fire Emblem Gaiden (FE 2) had a lot of interesting features that were executed poorly, Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem (FE 3) was a remake of FE 1, but with an aditional book that was fairly decent but also super easy to break, onto the next games, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (FE 9) had an emotional story with great and likable characters, but the animations were so slow that even Wendy felt fast in comparison, Radiant Dawn (FE 10) had good graphics… that’s about it honestly, I guess it had good gameplay too, Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon (FE 11) was a remake of FE 1, n’uff said, Fire Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow (the reason we have the “masterpiece” of an anime cliche: Fire Emblem Awakening since it was released only in Japan and thus had bad sales) (FE 12) was a remake of FE 3 but also had the addition of… Chirs! A super boring boat-monkey that has an unhealthy relation with Marth and his “oh-so-mighty goody-two-shoes” personality, it also had a pretty good maniac mode, ofc if you ignore the ambush reinforcements, onto my least favorite games: Awakening: seellout game with horrible plot, decent writing at the start that goes downhill fast, a huge amount of cliche characters, some bad, some good, honestly, Awakening’s map design, DLC, writing and story are all bad, but if you like breaking a game, Awakening is your friend, Fates is Fates, the end.
(You’re welcome for having to read an entire rant about my opinion of Fire Emblem)

I seem to have made a bit of a Fire Emblem discussion, oops haha

It’s true that I haven’t tried out a lot of Fire Emblems games nor completed (Such as Radiant Dawn; but that’s because I snapped the disc by accident e.e)
The Fire Emblem games I’ve actually played are:
Radiant Dawn,
Shadow Dragon,
The Sacred Stones

I’ve read all your comments and opinions and I pretty much agree. I’m in love with Fates and I’m not entirely sure why… .v. I just am.
The one thing that I DESPISED about Fates and I’m not sure if this comes as a spoiler or not, but the one thing I hated.
No. Maneketes. Why!? I loved Nowi and Tiki. : (

But I hope to try more FE games in the future since it has became one of my all time favorite games.

I’ve looked at Persona before, and I am pretty interested in it and I probably will in the meantime invest to get one of them. Despite the real cartoon like characters and skit sort of figures, it looks pretty good. :o

Also, have any of you tried a DS game called Radiant Historia? I liked it. A lot.

Radiant Historia? Yeah. I’ve played a few hours into it, haven’t finished it yet, though. x)

I really enjoy the combat! The multi-timeline story is really intriguing too, especially as a gameplay mechanic.

On the topic of FE, I’ve only played one. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn. I then tried out Awakening. It felt way, way less entertaining in terms of map design. You want to see a good, challenging map in FE? Check out the cave map in Part 3 of RD. That was a challenge and extremely satisfying when I finally conquered it.

As of my overall favourite JRPG, Kingdom Hearts takes the cake anyday of the week. I’d say either BBS or DDD has to be the best in the series, due to the overall gameplay, smoothness and story those two games provide.
I recommend if you have a PS3, buy KH 1.5, KH 2.5 and if you have a 3ds, DDD. It’s worth your money.

My favortite JRPG is neptunia, the only fire emblem games I have are Awakening and fates conquest

On the topic of Fire Emblem, I’ve played 7, 8, Awakening, and Fates…and out of all of them, I’d say Awakening was my favorite. It was the easiest to get into for me, since I’m not particularly skilled with those kinds of games…I loved the characters, the story was good, the visuals were fantastic, and it was just an all-around amazing game!

But that wasn’t my favorite JRPG…this may be stereotypical, but my favorite JRPG is Chrono Trigger. Man, oh man, Chrono Trigger…it the most perfect game I’ve ever played in my eyes, and the story, characters, graphics, battle system, music (THE MUSIC!!), everything about it was perfect. I would love to go on and on, bantering about how amazing Chrono Trigger is, but I won’t. My second favorite would have to be Super Mario RPG, because I loved how it looked, the story was awesome, I loved the battle system, I loved the music, it was REALLY good too.

And apologies for posting this almost a year after this thread was last talked in, but I just felt the need to express my opinion as well, and I hope you’ll all indulge just as you did with each other! :joy:

my favorite JRPG of all time is either Final Fantasy V, or Tales of Vesperia

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