Favorite leveling spots?

struggling to find good dungeons for leveling my lvl40 leafeon, what is your favorite dungeons to level at?

There’s the 3 lakes, Southern Sea & Crescent Islet. CI depths are 35-50 so you could train there after too.

i like to train my 40s to 70s in Stark vulcanic woods.

“wait isn’t that a fire dungeon? :pikashook:
well yes, but the grass type globe gives fire immunity to there’s nothing can threaten leafeon in there, apart from the ice beaming absols, but those threaten everyone.
just need to be a bit careful with those disaster doggos and it should be easy enough exp

When you reach 65+, I cannot recommend Sentimental Aquifer enough. The high enemy density makes it a great place to grind all the way to 100 if you’d like.

For your current level, the lakes (Verity, Valor, Acuity) are great. If you’re interested in making money for a slight trade-off of exp, Sandy Shallows and Rocky Shoreine are good too.