Febian the Cyndaquil

Hello anyone bothered to read this. This is a new member using the introductions because I was bored. To start with, I found this game when I thought “What if someone made a PMD MMO?” Turns out I was correct but unfortunately…

When I tried to join the client said servers were down so I thought the game was dead. Panicking, I tried to sieve through the forums for 30 minutes, completely missing the news button the LITERALLY SAID server down. So that’s my story said and done. Hello!
(Also, I eat sour food like lemons for fun)

Hello, Febian! Im sorry you ended up coming when the server was down, but we’re happy you’re here now and hope you enjoy your stay with us!

I also very much like lemons!

Welcome to PMU Febian. Dont worry. You are of many newcomers who have been trying to come on in the past rew weeks. good to see you stuck with us during the downtime. You shall be rewarded with gratitue for sticking with us.

Enjoy your stay and I look forward to seeing you in-game sometime.