Find that Map Error/Tile error!


I’m surprised this hasn’t been made before.

Basically post a screenshot if you spy errors in either maps or our tilessets . Thanks in advance to the posters.


I used to see map errors alot. Mostly because my old laptop was always lagging. :D :joy:

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That isn’t an error if the map starts to repeat it’s self, that’s lag only.


Here are some:

(Very common error in anywhere)

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Found one in winden.
Trying to tell kirk but i think he is afk…

Edit: He fixed it… :joy:

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Found 3 blocking errors.

(Randomly says I clicked Dark, lol)

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Just found another. I think I am getting ninja at this xP :joy:

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Thank you very much for the reports; all the reported errors above have been fixed. :]

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Some blocking errors in Exbel Coast.


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[spoilerWarning: 10+ pictures:1yvi1utc]

Well… the errors on the trees are barely noticeable… lol




EDIT: Found some more.


some of those aren’t errors…
The waterfall one isn’t an error,
The grass corner tiles facing North east Diag and North west Daig are not errors, they are the correct corner tiles, just a bit odd.


Thanks again for the reports. All reported errors have been fixed.~

@Dark as Kirk was saying, the upper cliff corners may look odd, but they are still correct.~
And the waterfall, the connection looks weird, but its just another technique. Thanks though, we definitely appreciate the help!


Oh, okay, sorry for that :’:


Here are some.
[spoilerHere are 5:3om86jah]



[spoilerNot quite a mapping error. Just a capitalization error:1hr7261n]

It says “Holiday cave” instead of “Holiday Cave”



Thanks again for reporting!~
All reported errors have been fixed thus far.


Dunno if that counts as a mapping error, but that Weedle is on the cliff tile :>_<:


Misplaced block attribute there’s only 1,its where Roserade is facing.


Don’t know if this is an error or not, but I’ll see what you make of it.