Finding Undercity is Pretty Vague

This is just a simple request. Sometimes, we get players that don’t want to ask for help because they want to find and explore on their own… But how is anyone supposed to find Tanren Undercity without specifically being told where to go? You have to go to a spot that’s normally out of the way and then use Rock Smash on a pot. And your only “hints” are a sign and a NPC in that room telling you not to touch anything. If you’re not thinking “oh this means I should touch all the things because treasure”, you’ll just leave the Marowak to his archeology,

So I suggest adding some NPCs to Tanren City, the East Gate, and the Museum that all give slight hints about the whereabouts of Tanren Undercity.

Anyone else have other ideas? I’d like to hear them.~

Things you can use Rock Smash on that you wouldn’t think you could usually have some sort of notice tile saying how It’s fragile ( ex: Pillager’s Cove, Tanren Undercity mansion Ironically ).


To be honest, in a sense I like how hidden the undercity is because it’s this cool mysterious part of the game with a bunch of dungeons. But from a practical, gameplay perspective, I agree with your suggestion. The undercity houses too many unique options that have become near ubiquitous in high level dungeoning - in particular, the weather rocks which the vast majority of people end up carrying once they solidify their team helds, and all of the exclusive Pokemon (Vullaby, Drilbur, Inkay, Slurpuff, Trubbish, etc.). People talk about the subregion on global all the time - it’s not some secret anymore.

In terms of the indicator itself, I’m not so sure. Deleca’s suggestion of the notification of being “fragile” seems good - even though the undercity isn’t a secret, it should still feel largely hidden. You could also maybe add story tiles to all of the elements of the Tanren Museum to encourage players to interact with all of them?


The indicator would be a nice touch and all, but that doesn’t quite solve the issue. A few NPCs in Tanren City discussing whether or not the archeology Marowak killed someone and is using the dig site as a cover up though – just an example of what I meant with using the NPCs cause there’s always some juicy gossip in places and games like Zelda and Okami use gossiping NPCs to bring up places and things you’ll have to deal with in the near future…

If I wasn’t too clear here, please ask me to clarify cause I’m kinda groggy writing this