Finished Skin | Eevee Skin

Update 7/12:

  1. Mainly updated the New Account window for the email attachment client update.
  2. Changed the Login Screen Image and made It the correct size.
  3. Also adjusted the login screen’s title bar.
  4. Fixed an oversight on the team panel.
  5. Fixed the link to the Image used for the menu window.

This Is the second skin I’ve made, but the only I’ve posted. Created to fulfill the request made by Rotoeve aka @Lynx. because let’s be real nobody was going to do It ;-; Has a simplistic style with a consistent theme and color scheme. I added custom music so don’t rip headphone users yourself :(


Credits you don't care about

Photoshop brushes used: ( I think? )

Artwork used:
Loading bar:
Main background:
Delete and create account:
Character select:
Game window Eevee:

Title music:

No link, but the name Is Monoglyceride.

Download: Eevee Skin.pmuskn (3.1 MB)

Eevee Skin.pmuskn (3.1 MB)

First time making a pmuskn file and I was having trouble when It randomly broke so If anything goes wrong while using It please post because I’m dumb thanks.



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This one’s definitely going in my collection, thanks for sharing! :okpyuku:

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this is super well made and cute!

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So cute, I’m sure Roto will enjoy it.

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Thank you so much Del. I love it. I’ve been so busy the last few weeks, I hadn’t seen it until now.


This… is… so cute!!! :smiley:

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“Credits you don’t care about”

I laughed.

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