[Finished] TLoZ: Breath of the Wild Skin [1.0]

Hi all!

I used to play PMU a few years back and make skins, but recently I stumbled upon the PMU Discord and got reminded of the community, haha.
I decided to try my hand at making a skin again, and this is the result. I hope you all find it enjoyable! :sweat:


If the images aren’t loading, you can find an imgur album here: [xxx]

Main Menu Music: ♫ Breath of the Wild - Main Theme ♫

Main Menu (based on BotW’s Title Screen):


New Account & Delete Account:

Character Select:



The latest version of the skin can be downloaded from here: [xxx]


Whoa, good job buddy! The Title screen is so neat and unique, it really stands out to me. Was really refreshing to see a new style of skin ^^

this looks amazing! i’m installing it right away!! <333 good work!!

Glad to see that you guys enjoy the skin, haha.

I enjoy coming up with out of the box skin ideas, it’s sometimes a little hard due to the PMU’s GUI contraints (as seen with the News and Login boxes on this BotW skin), but it’s fun trying to work around it at the same time.

rly one of the best skins it is perfect with the green and the sky :D

Wow, this is a very good skin, good job!
P.S: I’d love one with One Piece or Dragonite/Salamence. :D