Flabébé in a dungeon

Flabebe has been stuck in event dungeons for a long time. It would fit in a number of dungeons such as Spectral Thicket, which has Florges already in the later floors. Although a new addition was already made, I could see it fitting in. Another dungeon Flabebe could also be released is in the fairy path of Sky Fortress since there are no recruitable Pokemon there by default.

I believe that dungeon isn’t an only way to approach this either. Putting it as an overworld spawn in front of the hidden garden would work as well, just like yungoos.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll make sure this is kept in mind as we continue developing the game; perhaps we may yet see Flabebe get into a permanent bit of dungeon content. ;D

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I suggest putting Flabébé on Island Garden to be honest. While Spectral Thicket would fit with the Florges spawns, I feel like Flabébé isn’t the kind of Pokémon that is only available very late game.

In all canon Pokémon games, Flabébé is on one of the early routes (Route 4 in X and Y, Melemele Meadow in USUM)

if it was going to be in IG it would have been there ages ago…

Sorry. I was just suggesting…