Float Stone rework, please?

Since we have items that give abilities, can we get the float stone to give us Levitate instead of the main game’s effect? Please?

If an Item gave the Levitate Ability I don’t see why the Float Stone should be changed Instead of making a brand new Item. The Float Stone makes you able to walk on water already, the Magma Emblem exists, and the Air Balloon Item let’s you walk on air but It breaks when you get hit OMEGALUL. Besides the Magma Emblem they’re active held but something I did a while ago was make an Aqua Emblem and Delta Emblem sprite out of boredom. They might become real Items In the future.

Anyways, a catch-all Levitate Item would be fine ( If It’s team held It would kinda devalue the other Items though ) but mainly changing the Float Stone Is what seems redundant to me here.


no no, there’s no item that gives levitate – to my knowledge, anyway – so i was wondering if we could have the stone changed instead of making a new item?

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My post was terrible, let me correct some of It
My point was that the Float Stone already has a unique effect so It shouldn’t be changed, especially because It’s based off of a main series held Item.

Air Balloon actually let’s you go on all terrains except walls—I don’t know why I only mentioned air there—and does make you Immune to Ground-type moves In the main series so I’m guessing It does here too but I don’t have an Air Balloon to test that or If It blocks Arena Trap. I forgot Levitate offers more than extra mobility so that’s what I ended up focusing my post towards.

basically: I’m stupid and I just think a new Item would be better than changing an Item that does something already. Most held Items from the main series do the same thing In PMU, something sort of the same ( Grip Claw for example ), or something different If their actual effect doesn’t translate well to PMU ( Fluffy Tail for example ).


Float stones are… kind of useless in PMU, though. How often will we run into grass knot and low kick? Weight on PMU… does it really matter that much?

And Air Balloons… are consumables. One hit and pop goes the weasel…~ Of course, if they’re made to not pop, then… that’ll be just fine, too.

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