Fly birb (filler)

similar to the main games flying is an extremely important ability, so I think it should be easier to access late game. currently if your party doesn’t contain a pokemon with fly to properly use fly you have to swap out a member of your party, the main series pokemon games realized this was an issue (if only after a few years) and added ways around it, such as ride paging and the eon flute. so I think that a birb of some sort, like winden’s braivery should be added next to the grassroot fly location which sends you to the sky-for a small fee. it shouldn’t be immediately unlocked for obvious reasons but I think after beating skylift or some other flying themed dungeon it should unlock. I feel this would make travel much easier and less annoying.(other unlock options include: mt. barricade, mt.stormhold, sky fortress, cresent islet, and pebble cave depths)

I personally think this is actually
an interestiŋ proposal! ~
… oh,btw Qualia, you can vote the proposal too ;}

I know I just forgot to do it, thx for the reminder.

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