Forum Rules!

The Forum Rules
Please, Read this thread. It’s very important, and could help you, in the long term.

What it should say at the top of every forum page


  • Post in question discusses things that are questionable or against the PMUniverse rules.
  • Post is spam or intended to flood or disrupt a forum or topic.
  • Post contains vulgar language, obscene or abusive speech, expressions, depictions, or actions.
  • Post contains discussion/URLs of ROMs, WAREZ, or any other illegal software.
  • The following post is Off-Topic.
  • Post or topic was made in the wrong forum.
  • Post is intended to bypass the word censors.
  • Post is intended to bash or flame another member in a distasteful manner and/or is offensive to a specific race, religion, or nationality.
  • Post is considered topic revival and the thread has not been posted in for over six weeks.
    -This rule (topic revival) does not apply to the following sections of the boards: Skins, Teams (unless the thread is over a year old), forum games (thread must NOT be older than 3 months) and any stickies throughout the forum.
  • Post is purposefully misleading.
  • Post contains a URL to another MMO, online game, or product.
  • Post discloses personal information such as name, location, address, etc.
  • The user of the post has an inappropriate or too large of a signature, avatar, or other profile field.
  • Post is trying to enforce banning users, punishing them or any other decision that should be left up to the staff.
  • Other. Please specify a reason.

I’m putting this here, in this thread, because it seems these are commonly overlooked.
I would just like to highlight some commonly broken rules, in order to prevent further cases of such rule breaks in future:

  • Double Posting - It’s not entirely against the rules, but it is spam, and it’s highly advised against. The Edit button is there, use it. An exception of this, is within a Game Guide such as; [Link] Where the posts have been reserved for future editing, and to seperate the sections. Another thing to remember; The Forum is not an instant messenger, do not use them to chat, we have a chat for PMU here: [Link]
  • Swearing (or inappropriate language) - This is quite highly against the rules, mostly because the target audience for this game, includes younger players. Who, quite rightly, shouldn’t be swearing at their age, or be subjected to it. Consideration for other players isn’t too much to ask now, is it? Along with this, implying swears is against the rules too. * There are NO exceptions to this rule. (Not even in the Report User Forum.)
  • Irrelevant Post - Posting something irrelevant to the topic, is spamming, and is against the rules. Quite simple, really.
  • Bullying - No Matter what, you must not single someone out, just because of something they have done, or something about them. A Helpful thread about this, is here; [Link]
    Also; you may not ask for personal details. Some things are okay, but if the person you ask says they’d rather not disclose the information, you must respect that decision.
  • Reviving Topics - This is probably the most notably common offense. If there is a comment you would like to make on an older topic, make a new one (even if it has the same title) and quote the comment (copy and paste the quote into your new post.) Exceptions for this are in these forums; Skins, Teams (if older than 1 year, leave it) and Forum Games (If older than 3 months, leave it). Also; You may post in stickied threads, no matter how old they are.
  • Advertising - Another commonly broken rule. Don’t do this, we don’t need you showing our community, your untrustworthy sites. No matter how trustworthy you think they are.
  • Mini-modding - Although this rule is more commonly broken in game, it still happens on the forums. What consequences, an offender deserves, is a decision left to the staff, not you, you don’t look “cool” or “responsible”, trying to take it on.

If you want to report a post, use the report Button. (I highly encourage this, honestly, the staff can’t overlook reports. It comes up in big red writing!)
If, for example, someone creates a thread, that’s inappropriate, or involves advertising, don’t post in it, report the post! Someone spams? Report the Post! Someone is mini-modding? Report the Post!
Don’t try to take matters into your own hands.

If you find yourself breaking one of these rules, expect a notification in your inbox, saying you have a warning. These stack up, too many warnings, and things could get worse than just warnings.

Having a brand new post of the forum rules could be a good idea because It’s more up to date (In ways) and more new players and everyone would read it hopefully.

Thanks Dandy this taught me some new things,also what do the symbols by the thread name mean? I understand the red dot but what about the splash/blob thing?..One last question can I still help people in support?(not report user or bugd but just the simple questions)

Helping people in support isn’t mini-modding, if that’s what you think.
You are merely helping people. So yes, you may help people in support.

Also; I may make a small guide to the symbols for this. Thanks for that suggestion.

Edit: Added to the bottom of the post.

Yay for helpful threads!~
I especially love the forum Symbol guide! I didn’t know what most of those stood for.

thank god, dandy.

Cool! This is going to come very handy for all the new people that decides to join the forum.

Consider this a topic bump, (to get it into people’s “View new posts” section).

SLightly off topic, but i dont really care, i wanna know.

couldnt this be some sticky or perm announcment?

this is a sticky… and an announcement.