Friendship Forest semiglitch. Please help me get out!

Summary of Bug:
What you were doing at the time: I was about to start grinding for eevee.

What happened:I was about to go to floor 3 in Friendship Forest, but I was slow and by the time I used my east key, my party member’s west key effect wore off, and they were not able to go into the west door anymore. But when I used the East Key, I went in the door, but I wasn’t able to enter the floor because my partner wasn’t there. But then the door closed behind my back, and I got stuck there (And I left when I lost all hope.)

Where you were in the game/menus:
I was in Friendship forest.

OS/Version: What do you mean by


Expected Result: To be rejected and teleported out of the door.

Actual Result: To get stuck in the door.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go into Friendship Forest with a partner (Warn them about what they are going to do).
  2. Get the East Key, and tell your friend to get the West Key.
  3. Tell your friend to use the West Key, but to not go in the door
  4. Use the East Key, but enter the door
  5. Be stuck there until you give up or faint. :frowning:

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, logs) - attached below:

I'm stuck

PLEASE HELP!!! People can’t keep on accidentally doing this annoying mistake! Sadly walks away

By the way, I decided to leave FF now.