Future Guild (again) Team LeafGreen!


Hello guys, Appa, Ivy and I thought that we should re-create Team LeafGreen, originally made on PMU6 and early PMU7. So we decided that we should re-create it!


[spoilerLeader:kwyvkdu2]Appa/AppaJuice, Sharky/iSharky (Temporary leader)


[spoilerCo-Leaders:kwyvkdu2]Ivy (Temporary Co-Leader)


When we make this, we will be accepting members. More updates will be posted, until then, see you~


Congratulations on the “future” guild! How much EP do you have Sharky?


Not much, but if I do all of my Tanren Chamber missions, I will have about 11k at least, and then I can do the rest.


I was just wondering because of this: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=10383


I did end up making that, but that was on my old Kyorgre account. I want the guild on the Sharky one now though.


I like to join… D;


Sure… but the guild will not be up and running for some time, i’m having some major delays… in the mean time, i’m asking if staff can lock this topic until I get the guild.