Gabumon/Winter Theme Skin

Hello there!
As the title says, I’ve managed to arrange my first ever skin, revolving around the Gabumon Line from Digimon along with some elements of winter, Gabumon being partially ice element. And yep I’m well aware I’m posting this on a Pokemon based game but hey I’m sure I’m not the only one who grew up with Digimon as well! I got inspired to make this skin thanks to re-watching Digimon Adventure Tri, the latest installation to the Adventure series. I’m sure most of you old fans must be aware its still ongoing (the nostalgia is real).

Key features:-
>Complete make over of Title Screen and Game window interfaces.
>Features its own title screen music (Braveheart remastered from Digimon)

Digimon fan or not do give it a tri if you find it interesting!
Without any further ado here’s a little preview to what I managed to make :


  1. Title Screen

The Digivice might seem a little disoriented but sadly that’s the best result I could get after hours of editing due to the size constraints.

  1. Character Select

  1. Ingame

  1. New Account

  1. Delete Account

I don’t own any of the characters or images used in the Skin, credits to Toei Animation and their respective artists.

Download Link
Download the Skin as a zip file from here and after extracting place the folder inside your Skins’ Folder (Pokemon Mystery Universe\Client\Client\Skins) :

That’s about it really hope some can get to enjoy this. Also if you find anything out of place, or have any advice as to how I could improve please don’t hesitate to share! Open to constructive criticism~

OMG, beautiful! The title screen’s so sparkling! You’ve outdone yourself this time, vee : O Great work!

Thanks again Ele! :]
Since there was a little data loss on the forums I’m making this re-post regarding the tiny update I had released for this skin on around the 2nd of July.
The in game texture had been made smoother and the blurry New Account screen was given a sharper look.
The download links and screenshots have been updated to their latest versions once again.