[gallery] osprey's MS paint artwork

hello! i’m a digital artist who works almost entirely with MS Paint, and sometimes with Krita. i’m also new to the forums, so i’d like to start off in a way that’s easy for me: sharing my art! i hope you enjoy, and i appreciate any feedback (critical or not!)

also, a majority of my drawings are left uncolored. they aren’t unfinished drawings, they’re complete, and i simply chose to not color them!

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gosh i love your art style! i especially love the picture with all the bug types! you drew them all so well!


Wow these are very nice can’t wait to see more :eeveejoy:


One of my friends that LOVES using the original MS paint, makes very amazing art work (not that you don’t) there’s just something about the program that gives it a nice charm to it, so I already have a soft spot for jagged lines that its hard to get with most programs nowadays; I really do feel that with more time, your style will evolve.