[gallery / requests] doodles

Hey everyone.

i’ve been doing pokemon drawings for a while and it’s high time i take some requests. you can keep up with my progress in the discord chat’s art channel, however i will be posting updates and close ups of my finished sketches. these drawings are mine and you may not use them for your RP or anything of the sort without asking me.

3/10/17 - candle girl

5/14/17 - gengar and co. doodle

5/15/17 - girl

i encourage pokemon requests, i really want to practice my painting and environmental skills, so don’t be afraid to ask for your fave pokemon or OC or something! thanks a bunch. i’ll try to do everyone’s requests.

list so far: N/A

Could you draw my Glaceon OC? I dont mind how the Glaceon is posed. It needs a Lum berry!

Thank you!

Can you draw a Staraptor? Though it’s hard for me because i can’t draw birds

Linoone! With a white scarf and glasses :)

Thanks in advance!

thank you so much for your replies. i’ve been working on the requests that i’ve received from both the discord chat and the forums. here is pencil’s pokesona! your drawings will be added to the thread as i go along. feel free to request more, but keep in mind that there are others that want a piece of art as well! i’ve been doing around 2 a day so please bear with me. thank you so much

currently working on (as of 5/15/17):
Xenomorph’s Staraptor
Flurry’s Glaceon

Wow, your art is so good! I really love your shading and coloring, it makes it look almost painterly! I also really love how stylized you made that gengar look, its really nice ;o;
If you ever have free time, would you mind drawing an Arcanine for me? c:

i actually finished with Xenomorph’s staraptor request. sorry it’s a little rough compared to the other drawings, but i hope you enjoy it nonetheless. right now i am working on a glaceon request and others’ requests from the discord chat. also, i’d like to add that i have started streaming my drawing process, so if you like to hang out while i doodle your request feel free to drop by the PMU discord’s art channel and click the link to my stream.

thank you so much! i’m more than willing to draw an arcanine for you, but i’d like to know if we’re talking about the specific arcanine in your icon/sig or do you want a standard arcanine? also, is there a preferred pose or something you would like? i will try to get to it as soon as possible, thanks for requesting.

here is a WIP of the glaceon request. yes, my work process involves making a big canvas and fitting all the drawings onto it

Both of these look super nice, I love the Staraptor!
And if you want to draw the specific one in my icon and signature that would be awesome, but if the dark colors are a pain a standard Arcanine is just as good c:
Posing is up to you!! Im super excited to see the other art you post! Do you have a DeviantArt by any chance? o:

yes, my deviantart is ia-n.deviantart.com

Looks beautiful, Rattus. I liked it. The painting is well done. Thankyou C: