Gen 7 abilities

I have no idea if you people have plans for this or not, but maybe when Darmanitan or Minior enter a new floor/location or are switched in after doing so then their current HP determines the form they take.

Edit: To clarify, this would work with Wishiwashi as well once it’s level 20+, just at 25% HP instead… that would probably also mean it would need to be recruitable pretty low or by eggs

Edit 2: this topic has been getting a lot of views, should I start figuring out a few more abilities to work out? honestly, in a week or two this is going to be the most common topic to look at in this section, and some of them are years old

Edit 3: Looking at some other abilities, I figured out how a couple of them would work. this is really only going over the ones that aren’t self-explanitory and I will add more another time
-Emergency Exit/Wimp Out would have the same activation point as shields down and zen mode but with a volt switch knockback rather then a form change
-Battle Bond… maybe have this be an HC only greninja, otherwise it’ll be too common. it’ll change back whenever it enters a new form similar to minior, but the activation will be after… 1 faint would be too quick here, so I’ll just use a placeholder number here and make it 5 kills on the floor
-Power of Alchemy/Receiver- if you switch this pokemon in right after a team member faints then the rest is like the regular game
-Disguise- pretty much the same as battle bond but with different activation
Edit 4: time to keep going…
-Stamina- I realize this one is pretty self explanitory, but rather then every attack let’s make it every time there’s contact since it’s a bit broken in the first place
-all of the surges-give it that terrain effect with same activation as minior (sorry I keep using minior as the example for that activation but I’m not gonna write it out 20 times)
-Soul-Heart/Beast Boost- probably be similar to BB since a stat boost every kill is overpowered in this game
-Queenly Majesty/Dazzling- um… I’ll come back to these since there’s really no priority here
-Stakeout- first hit on each pokemon does double damage
-Triage- also not sure how this one would work
-Battery- powers up party member’s special moves (unless someone else has a better idea here)
-Power Construct- same as shields down

and that’s about it, I’ll come in with edits after getting feedback for the unsure ones

edit 5: yea I don’t know what I should do with the priority ones and this topic has more views then Cosmoem weighs so… unless somebody can actually respond to this topic about my unsure ones then I’m pretty much done here and edit 6: no I won’t put this edit on another line but just stop stalking this post for edits and suggest something for the ones I’m clueless on or any edits that could be made, I still have no idea what to do for the rest of them… 5.3k views on a topic at all is really crazy, but on a suggestion that I haven’t looked at in weeks? wow