Get Sent to Jail Game!

Okay, here’s how the game goes, whenever a player goes to jail a random qoute shows up with their name.

Example: 1 (Name) got eaten by actual cannibal Shia Labeouf
2 (name) didn’t know… ITS A TRAP!
3 (name) thought creepy pastas was a side dish.

We keep going until a staff member sends a (name) got released from jail qoute and we restart the count.

Game Le start:
1 (name) was shark bait. Oohaha!

  1. (name) ate too much Kool-Aid
  1. Emilidier was ejected from space jail and is as free to explore the cosmos once more!

1 (name) lost a children’s card game and got sent to the shadow realm.

2 (name) wrecked the arena.

  1. (Name) divided by zero.

P.S: Should we use the previous comment’s name instead of (Name), perhaps?

  1. (Name) used Dizzy Punch on a Spinda.
  1. (name) ate all the cake at a party, without sharing.
  1. (Sane) laughed at a Yu-gi-Oh reference.
  1. (name) used logic in a cat fight.
  1. (Shadowlucario) claimed to be more awesome than Prussia.

(Cloudz) got Teeter Danced by a Spinda.

  1. (AdamShoryuken) poured the tea on the table
  1. (Procyoon) gets flung into the air!

(TheAwesome13th) Changed his name

(Pi2z) rides and crashes on cookies

(Shinx164) sleeping while talking and walking!

(Raibolt) falls off their own tail whilst surfing!

  1. (Capim) tried to use two different weather rocks at a time.
  1. (Capim) jailed herself/himself.