Gimme money for my art (3 slots open)

full link:

sketch no color: 100k. 2 characters thats 120k. 3 characters thats 130k. ANNNND so on
cleaner sketches+color:150k for bust. 200k poke for full colored clean sketch
flat color FULL BODY: 300k(changed it to 300k ignore the 350k on the pic), if u want 2 charas thats 350k. I JUST WANT MONEY

-no NSFW
-gore = OK (exceptions depending on what u want)
-DM me–>we talk–>i start doodle–>u pay me when i show u the WIP. that way if ur afraid im going to scam u have proof to show.
-if i dont finish it after 3 weeks ill just refund it.
-i can decline anything i dont want 2 do
-u can use as icons etc

my name on PMU discord is: Raikvvvv


done comissions:
GalaxyG0re(400k paid) - DONE
Pencil (300k paid) - DONE
GalaxyG0re(350k paid) DONE



You drive a hard bargain :thinking:

pretty much the point