Giratina/Distortion World Skin

Hey there!
I’d like to share another skin I’ve recently managed to arrange, with its core theme revolving around Giratina and the Distortion World. I’ve taken a pretty different approach for the layouts this time and tried my hand at a 100% transparent title screen. Personally I’m not very pleased with the result but neither am I disappointed, and for a change of pace it’s definitely something worth checking out!

Key Features:-
>Complete make over of Title Screen & In-game window interfaces.
>Features its own title screen music (Pokemon Platinum - Distortion World Remix)


  1. Title Screen

Character Select

Game Window

New Account

Delete Account

I don’t own any of the characters or images used in the skin, credits to Nintendo & their respective artists.

Download Link
As a zip file :

Or alternatively

As a PMU Skin Package :

*On downloading the zip file, it will have to be extracted in the Skins folder (Pokemon Mystery Universe\Client\Client\Skins)

Taking a leap of faith by working on a different style sure might have met me with many obstacles but it allowed me to explore a few things I’ve always wanted to try out, so making this skin was overall a really worthwhile experience for me. Although I do feel certain aspects of the full transparent title screen could be improved, so I would appreciate constructive criticism if any!
Also in the making of the skin, I drew inspiration from Lykaios’ BoTW Skin and Agunimon’s Legendary Theme Skin go check them out they’re beautiful! And probably better /shot

That’s about it, hope a few get to enjoy the skin! ^~^

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oh my gosh, i love this skin, definitely will be using!

It looks really good, I like how the title screen all syncs up and the account boxes are cool too.

Thanks guys! :]