Glad to see PMU is still running

Hi! Not sure how much of the playerbase from back in my time is still around, but I wanted to drop by and say hello to everyone.

I’m Viivi!

How has everything been? Can someone update me on what the newest features are? I only have a Macbook Air as of now, but I’m gonna drop by as soon as I find and dust off my old Windows 7 brick that I used to play PMU with many years.

Glad to be here and to hear from you.

See you around,

Viivi :cherry_blossom:


viiviiiiiiii glad to see u still remember pmu it been alright shinies introduced and a lot of new generation mons / dungeons / more house mapping sprites too :slight_smile:

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Hiya, Viivi! ^_^

Yeah, PMU’s still going! Things have been pretty good for the most part (content is slower to get out than I’d like, but it’s been a rough year for a lot of us).

Currently we’re in the tail end of a HC event (Halloween-themed at that), which will end on Sunday. This HC event has a few gen 8 mons available in it, and it’ll probably see at least some of those recruits be introduced afterwards in some normal dungeons if I had to guess - we’re still talking about it internally, but we did do it for Resort Island HC. I can’t confirm anything as a sure thing yet, of course.

Also, every obtainable Pokemon can be shiny, including the new gen 8 releases. This also includes Pokemon hatched from eggs, though there’s one global shiny rate applied to every egg for the time being. Dratini and Gible have had new keys added for guaranteed shiny recruits, though they’re very expensive on the Royal Gems / Rupis.

I’m not sure how much farther back I need to go, but that should cover the very recent happenings. I hope to see you in game soon~