Recently, a player under the name of Goldfinger, also known as Grassterpiece / King Midas / Raichewbacca has been harassing and saying rude things to not only me, but other people as well. Not only that, but I have many people who can back me up here. If you aren’t convinced, I have screenshots. They have been placed in a spoiler due to having lots of them. These are from a good friend of mine.

and im the one who gets banned


This is just the angry rant of a 12-year-old girl throwing a temper tantrum. Those screenshots prove nothing. She’s a lot like PokeBoyPro in his excessive use of screenshots to try to back up her case, which is tenuous at best.

I apologize for causing this set of events to come about, but also, Av3rYChar engaged in unsightly behavior herself, by vowing revenge against me and saying she’d have her friends attack me.

I’m not the kind of person to make such things up. I’m honest, almost to a fault. If given the choice of telling the truth (which would potentially hurt someone’s feelings) and lying to avoid hurting their feelings, I’d choose the truth, but be as gentle as possible, to mitigate the damage. That’s how honest I am. Only a good friend lets you know when your face is dirty.

If you knew what the “Report User” section is about, you would know that it is about informing staff of the wrongs done by other players so proper punishment is given. The screenshots are necessary, as without them, I have no proof of your harassment.

You are twisting my words quite a lot, to the point where there is next to no honesty in this statement. I would never vow revenge against someone. Quite the opposite, really. I dislike seeing or participating in arguments. I would never have my friends attack you, I simply said that they could back me up since they saw what happened with their own eyes.

There is not much honestly here. You’re lying and causing damage not only to my reputation, but to yours as well.
Staff will do what needs to be done here.

It’s been done, Av3rY. I’ve talked to staff about this, and have apologized to them, as it’s worthless to try to apologize to you (you’ll just reject it). So, let’s just have Agunimon close this, and be done with it. I shall go my way, you go yours.

Did you even attempt to apologize for your harassment? That isn’t the right way to go about handling an argument that you caused. Let staff do what is necessary.

Sidenote, but one I feel important: People are frustrated with staff inaction in terms of moderation from my understanding.

That is probably why Goldfinger took things into their own hands, justified or not. While I’m not saying to completely ignore it, I am going to point out that muting a person who feels staff are failing to confront chat conflict effectively will just make it worse. (EX: Getting annoyed at the concept of trolling and tackling it head on instead of relying on staff to effectively deal with it. Mad is even in the screenshot and as far as I can tell from the pictures supplied, did nothing about this as it was happening.)

This isn’t limited to Goldfinger either, because it’s a problem much of the community has been struggling with for years that I haven’t seen much notable improvement on:


Muting somebody who is acting out because of a “gap” in the system that moderation staff have left alone for years now, especially when there is a community-wide annoyed at staff inconsistency, is just going to make the problem worse. Especially if what Pakawaka says is true. (I’ve personally had people gang up on me despite never insulting somebody on this game before. Once again, the issue was in full view of staff and nothing was done for either group. We were just left to “slug it out”, even though I was being civil the whole time while others went on to continually insult me and call me “disgusting.”)

If you’re wondering why this game is so passive aggressive, it’s because people who directly respond to previous situations that went unchecked by staff get punished for responding to provocation. All the while, the initial situation goes ignored. It doesn’t help that chat is so hard to deal with in terms of scrolling for Screenshots, so context is usually lost.

This whole case is just a symptom of a larger problem.

Checkered, you hit the nail right on the head. I used to suffer the same plight when I was in high school. The cycle went as follows:

Bullies riled me up.
I got mad.
Teacher punished me for acting up.
Nothing was done to the bullies.
Wash, rinse, repeat.

That sort of situation is happening in the chat on PMU as we speak.

I don’t believe that I have bullied you in any way. I consider harassment as a form of bullying, which is what you have done. Leave this thread be, and allow staff to handle this.

I was referring to my troubled high-school life, not this situation. And I apologize for bullying you, Av3rY. I just hope that we can eventually come to an agreement or compromise. This is the last I’ll post on here, so please stop requesting I look at any future replies.

The Goldfinger case has been going on for a while now. And his paranoia for trolls, too.

This guy doesn’t know how to play without jumping into conversations, starting fights, or calling people trolls for no valid reason. And his “response for trolling” includes insults and some harassing, as clearly seen in one of the main post’s screenshots:

Don’t think I can add too much here, but the community’s response to his behavior is clear enough.

there’s proof of him time and time again causing drama in town/global chat as well as blowing up over trivial topics. I was in town with a friend trying to make conversation with him and he PM’d a staff saying that I was trolling him and I got warped to jail and warned, unfairly. he also likes to antagonize other people and call them trolls whenever they do something even mildly bad to him.

also no one is provoking Goldfinger, but only making bad comments towards him when he has actually done something wrong. no one is bullying him or whatever. he’s the one causing all of this drama and fuss.

Let’s just let the matter rest. Dragging more people into the dogpile is only going to make matters worse for everyone, as evidenced by CheckeredZebra’s post.

Trying to eliminate me is not going to solve the issue.

The real issue is the power vacuum often left behind because the staff often do nothing to stop trolling (including mine), and then people try to turn vigilante to put a stop to it.

As history shows, it’s the vigilantes who end up getting taken down, one by one, and nothing ever comes of it.

The trolling situation stays the way it has been for years.

That’s why I proposed an /ignore command be implemented. It would eliminate this whole problem in one fell swoop.

IN Av3rY’s case, she could’ve just used the /ignore command on me and I wouldn’t see anything she posts, and she wouldn’t see anything I post. That way, we’d essentially end the fight right then and there.

Please keep your word and leave this thread to rest.

as I’ve said before no one is trolling you. you’re the one who’s blowing things out of proportion and making things seem worse than they actually are.

and didn’t you say this:

I suppose I should clarify:

I’m not condoning/defending this kind of reaction. In fact, I would discourage it, though the person that was reported already apologized, so that is a moot point. Civility generally trumps all other approaches. The “higher ground” and all that. I just wanted to provide some food for thought.

Then again in hindsight, the fact we can all give “food for thought” as if the report section was a gladiator arena for our amusement is kind of a failing of the moderation system itself. People argued that /ignore would make people feel shunned? What about this where groups are forming around a system that innately encourages public shaming?

Reports would best be dealt with between the reportees and staff instead of letting people pile up on others for whatever they happened to get screenshotted saying. With that in mind, if somebody wants to pick up the discussion it should probably be moved onto a different topic, now that I consider it. I’ll leave it at that.

(Sidenote/edit: The entire community blows things out of proportion. This is a very overly dramatic playerbase. I’ve only seen a few people that are both vocal in chat and don’t have a habit of making large fusses over small things.)

While I appreciate everyone’s feedback on this matter, I would like to remind you this section is meant just to report users. Some comments in this post are totally off topic and don’t contribute to the report itself. Some of these posts will be deleted due to the reasons stated above.

I would also like to apologize if things weren’t handled properly by the team, I personally wasn’t there when this happened and while I am not sure how things developed I got a summary from one of our staff members who was online at the moment. I’d like to point out that we decided to warn both players involved in this rant, and will be taking further actions if this problem persist.

To avoid getting off-topic I will lock this thread, but if you have any suggestions and/or constructive criticism on how you belive this could have been handled you are free to PM me here or through Skype.