Grassroot Town guide for beginners.






Grassroot Inn Screenshot

Housing Center Screenshot

To know more about Houses and Guilds, please, refer to the following guides:

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A guide to effective mapping, by Char
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To know more about missions and explorer ranks, please refer to the following guides:

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Where to fly Ingame Screenshots


Marowak Training Dojo & Arena Screenshots

To know more about Marowak training Dojo or the Arena, please refer to the following guides:

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To know more about the Capture the Flag mini-game, check the following link:

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To Fennes, for making these amazing mugshots for this guide and being my official “Spelling checker”.
To Pokemondoctor from Deviantart, for the base mugshots used in point 8 and final notes.
To Festi and Coraje, just for being there and helping me out. <3


Thank you for this amazing guide! It looks great! :heart:


I’m really happy you liked it Darck! Though, this guide is far from being finished, it’s more like a work in progress. :D

Latest updates:

TUE 7/7:

  • Fixed spelling mistakes/typos. Thanks to Nuxl, Erladino & Festivo for suggestions.
  • Replaced speech bubbles with new bigger ones for best readability, thanks Agunimon for the suggestion!
    -I added spoilers in different sections that list other more specific guides in order to make said sections be more complete.

I’ve made some progress in sections 9 and 10 :joy: , these will be updated soon. :D


This guide is very-well organized. It’s very entertaining to read while also very informational. You even have added some good guides to things you cannot cover. And finally, you made it appealing to the eye with the textboxes and the small transitional lines. This is an amazing guide, and I cannot wait to see what’s coming next!

Capitalize “Mushroom” and fix the name “Breloom”.


Capitalize “Mushroom” and fix the name “Breloom”.[/quote]

Fixed it! Thank you.

I wanted to make a graphical, informative guide, but still not long enough to make a book, lol. Also, i thought that this guide could be a way to “unify” certain guides that sadly end up lost or people is not aware of them, when in the first place these should’ve been read from the beginning.

I’m really glad you liked it. :D


Updated! (Wed - 7/8)

  • Added Section 9.
  • Added Screenshots to certain sections under a spoiler bar.

Guide will by finished by tomorrow or by Friday 7-10. Woohoo. :joy:

Updated! (Fri - 7/10)
-Added Section 10-11-12.
-The guide is now finished! I hope you enjoy it.


This guide is extremely well done ! Not only is pleasing to look at, but it is super helpful as well, and very detailed. I’m sure this will help many new players and i thank you for making it !


This guide is so well made and fun to look at. XD Please make more like this one!


Aww, thank you a lot, guys! I won’t lie, it was a lot of work (Especially making the maps), but it was fun and I’m glad it is finished! I hope this helps tons of new players!

I want to make a beginner’s guide, too, but it’s not quite finished in my head yet, lol.

Thanks again :heart:


Awesome job, I reckon we can give players or newbies a link to the beautiful guide though signs or Friendly NPCs. I’ll talk to Flare, see if I can convince her to bring back the ‘Guides’ part of the website to add this remarkable piece.


Thank you Erl! :heart: That would be awesome. I’m going to post the suggestions I’ve talked you about. Probably Festi can code something to allow some links to be copied and pasted in-game. Bringing back the Guide section of the website would also be awesome.


I really like this guide. The visual imagery used is amazing!! Congrats, Coki. This is going to be super useful to newer players, and even some elder players!


I’m glad you liked it, Blood! Hopefuly it will. But my beginner’s guide will be even better! Still making it, though.


Pretty great, Coki. Nice work on the guide. :!!:


It says he when referring to Kangaskhan, but all kangaskhan are female :/


Ohcrap. Seems like I missed this! Thank you a lot Sanie c:

Aaand I thought I fixed that already, seems like I didn’t, lol. Thanks for pointing it out. Gonna fix it soon c: