Greetings fellow Players

Hi, I am Noibaty. You can just call me Noi.
I already play the game, and I guess I am pretty advanced.
I don’t know when I started playing, but shortly after I started a hiatus, I didn’t try anything besides Dungeon exploring. I barely know how a Party works by now since kind people took me to Skylift, and I finally got a Swablu XD
My name in the game is Team Galaxy, you can just call me Galaxy in-game, I guess Gal would work too.
And I like Noibat, btw XD

Funny Story about Pokemon Black 2 to start a conversation: I got a Pidove after I got fly since no other flying pokemon was close. I didn’t want it, I disliked it, but after I read the Pokedex I fell in love with him being silly and forgetful. I love Pidove now, he is forever in my heart, my dear Feather <3.
Which pokemon do you like now that you used to dislike?

Hello! Welcome back. Yeah, b2/w2 was pretty fun. I enjoyed b/w b2/w2 the most, because the story was so interested that i got hooked. Pidove is such a cute bird. I also like it a lot.

I used to dislike Vaporeon so much because i thought it looked ugly. Now it’s likely my favorite water pokemon :'D Other than that, i can’t remember any other right now.

Hello there, I welcome you and welcome you back at the same time If that’s possible; haa.