Guide to appealing your ban

Welcome to our new and reformed appeal system!

You can now post a thread with your appeal in the private appeals section where only you and the staff team will only be able to see and reply to. This appeal system is designed for 12+ month bans.


Serve 3 months of your ban.
Must be account owner.

Here is the outline for your appeal:

Ban Reason:
IP(s) used with account:

Appealing Statement:[/i][/b]

Once you submit your appeal thread, the staff team will begin their voting on your appeal. After 1-2 weeks, we will inform you of our decision and close your appeal. Within a few days, your account will have been unbanned should we have accepted it. The vote must be majorly in favor of your unban for you to be unbanned.

If your appeal is denied, you may not re-appeal for another 2 months. You may use this time wisely to reflect on yourself improve your reputation with the community.