Guild wars/ competitions/games

Just Curious how competitive events, between guilds specifically, would float around and be established?

Not direct PVP into arena

More so, fleshed out challenges to complete dungeons with rules/Limits.

I have conjured up an idea in regards to HT and have mulled over the details enough to feel like I can post my suggestion here and take any fresh feedback and ideas.

HT is unique as it sets you to level 30, already requires 4people to complete, and of course is 99 floors. We all know this.

I’d like a competition ,between any number of guilds, to complete HT the fastest, without Items, and a limited party of 2 pokemon for each person attempting the challenge.

As far as rewards well, of course this is a major factor and I don’t have an exact one in mind (besides bragging rights)
I do think it’d be cool to be a part of the guild that was the guild games winner and holds the title until the next guild games, however that’s just me, there should be a definite reward for the winners to hold onto, even if only temporary til the next games occur.

And if this is something that generates interest, it can be a decent in-between investment between seasonal HC, completely reliant on players running a dungeon that’s already established, perhaps mitigating those long droughts of dullness PMU sometimes has , for me personally anyway.

I understand arranging such events can be quite a hassle and would love ideas on this in particular too, as I probably wouldn’t be the best organizer for this but would of course try my best .