Gummis have been released! (Information inside)

  1. What are they, what do they do?

They are food items that boost stats, fill your belly and also give you a random additional effect if eaten! Their effects are not permament, they work in dungeons and in arena, but once you switch maps the benefits disappear.

To know more about them, check the list below:

Stat Boosts

The two stats increased by the Gummi are based on this:

  • Top 2 stats of the overall statistical averages of all the Pokemon of that type (from bulbapedia).

  • The two stats must NOT be HP/Speed.

  • The stat increases of all the Gummis must be mutually exclusive. (In other words, two Gummis can not have the exact same affect.) - In the case that such a (logical and decent) combination can not be derived, buffs to evasion and accuracy will be considered.

  • The first stat is increases by 3 stages, the second stat by 2.

Stat boosts by type
Please note gummis can be eaten by any Pokemon and will work whether if their type matches or not.

-Black Gummi (Dark Types) = Raises ATK(3) and SP.ATK(2).

-Blue Gummi (water Types) = Raises DEF(3) and SP.ATK(2).

-Brown Gummi (Ground Types) = Raises EVASION(3) and ATK(2).

-Clear Gummi (Ice Types) = Raises SP.ATK(3) and SP.DEF(2).

-Gold Gummi (Psychic Types) = Raises SP.DEF(3) and SP.ATK(2)

-Grass Gummi (Grass Types) = Raises ATK(3) and EVASION(2).

-Gray Gummi (Rock Types) = Raises DEF(3) and ATK(2).

-Green Gummi (Bug Types) = Raises ATK(3) And ACCURACY(2).

-Orange Gummi (Fighting Types) = Raises ATK(3) and DEF(2)

-Pink Gummi (Poison Types) = Raises SP.ATK(3) and ACCURACY(2).

-Purple Gummi (Ghost Types) = Raises SP.ATK(3) and EVASION(2).

-Red Gummi (Fire types) = Raises SP.ATK(3) and ATK(2).

-Royal Gummi (Dragon Types) = Raises SP.ATK(3) and DEF(2).

-Silver Gummi (Steel Types) = Raises DEF(3) and SP.DEF(2)

-Sky Gummi (Flying Types) = Raises ACCURACY(3) and DEF(2).

-White Gummi (Normal Types) = Raises ATK(3) and SP.DEF(2).

-Yellow Gummi (Electric Types) = Raises SP.DEF(3) and ATK(2).

-Mystic Gummi (Fairy Types) = Raises EVASION(3) and SP.ATk(2). [Tentative and subjective to change.]

Additional Effects

These extra affects only work if the player is in a dungeon. One of the following additional effects randomly come into effect when the player uses a Gummi.

  • Being warped next to stairs.

  • Super mobility. (Can walk on all terrains)

  • Reveal all traps on the floor.

  • Remove darkness from floor (If there is any).

  • Heal non-volatile status condition (If any).

  • Unveil all hidden items.

  • Increased speed.


The belly filled by eating a Gummi depends on the effectiveness of the Gummi"s type against that of the user. The following are the belly changes according to type match-up:

-If the either of the types of the user match = +60

-Weak to type = +30 (Meaning the Gummi type is super-effective against the user"s type.)

  • Damaged regularly by the type = +25

-Resistant to the type = +20

-Ineffective / Immune = +5

Note: The types are analyzed individually. To quote the example from Bulbapedia: “A Grass Gummi would refill 80 of Hoppip"s Belly, as it matches its Grass-type([60] and is resisted by its Flying-type[20]).”

the above system is based on player suggestions and community threads/discussions(which were considered) regarding the topic such as the following:

A few item suggestions
Spinda’s Cafe Suggestion
What do you want to see in PMU (Jinxatu)
Truly to become Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

i personally thank you for your ideas! :la:

Thanks for posting a detailed announcement of the update. It’s something I had been missing, and this makes it easier for those of us that wander in/out of PMU to keep up. :la:

This is useful. I like it that Gummis are in PMU now. gives Coki a Gold Gummi

I agree, I like how gummi’s work~ Sure it’s a bit disappointing that it doesn’t include the IQ skills like it did in the Mystery Dungeon games but I don’t know how that would work on PMU very well… xD; Regardless for me they make great belly providers. ^w^ So I like them. Good job!~

Well done on the work guys. So happy that they have been incorporated into PMU.

As Dezel said, I would also like IQs to be added. I never quite understood how they worked and PMU could be an ample opportunity for me to learn. (Go Festivo and Nuxl!)

Yeah, I would like IQ to be added too.
I’d suggest to make IQ groups for Pokémon (for example, a Fire-type starter Pokémon would have Aggressor or Intimidator IQ skill, or most Flying-type would have Group D skills) or make the skills based on Team Skills.

Hello everyone! Thank you a lot for your nice comments and suggestions. I’m pretty sure these are really appreciated by our programmers!

Now, I know a lot of you suggested to also add an IQ system, I was wondering what would you like to see ingame? Remember suggestions don’t have to be too OP to be implemented, just something that could fit an MMO well.

Looking forward to see what those who hasn’t suggested anything yet come up with!

not denying that it may be possible in the future.

but what are your thoughts on the matter?

feel free to suggest your ideas!

an iq system seems kinda hard to code (not that i know anything about coding), but it’d be cool if it worked like the main games, where there’s a permanent counter on how much iq your pokemon has, and as the number goes up, you unlock some abilities.

maybe instead of stars, we can just have iq points, capping at whatever number staff see fit, i guess. it could use the same counter in terms of effectiveness (relation to type) as well.

of course not all of the iq abilities from the pmd series are usable in pmu since that’s a turn by turn game. but like in the original series, as you hit a certain amount of IQ points, new skills are unlocked. this could be viewed via the ‘team’ button in pmu, and a new tab could be added. or, you could just have a command like /iq to see your pokemon’s current stats, and which iq abilities it has!

i think some possible abilities that could be used, though, include:

-pp saver: a pokemon will occasionally use a move without using pp
-acute sniffer: when it reaches a new floor, the number of items on the floor will pop up (similar to pickup)
-self curer: pokemon recovers faster from status conditions like confusion, attraction, sleeping, freezing, etc.
-survivalist: more belly when eating something, may negate negative effects of grimies
-energy saver: pokemon’s belly empties slower
-quick healer: the pokemon’s natural hp recovery through walking is boosted (something like rain dish, perhaps)
-exp. elite: a small exp bonus (may sound op, but keep in mind you have to stack tons of gummis before even potentially unlocking this, and once more, this is only for a single pokemon)
-sure-hit attacker: the pokemon’s basic attacks never miss
-critical dodger: higher chance to dodge critical hits
-sharpshooter: higher chance to land critical hits
-clutch performer: +2 evasion boost when hp is red
-deep breather: when entering a new floor, pp may be restored (probably by like 1 to a random move, or 1 to each?)
-brick tough: an hp bonus (possibly 5-10, something like the hp boosting family items)

it’d be pretty complicated to sort these all into ‘iq groups’ like in the original series, but if that’s doable, that would be quite interesting. if not, these could just be general bonuses that all pokemon can get. i think it’d incite people to visit dungeons for gummies - it would also make them more used and impactful, since some of these bonuses can come in handy. of course, you can play the game just fine without the bonuses. they should be small enough so that there isn’t much of a difference, but that they still do small things like recover 1 pp or give you a 2% exp buff, making it so that there is a slight difference and enhancement of gameplay.

Those are good ideas, Lullavie.

I really like this idea, and when Gummies first came to PMU I thought in this game IQ Skills come out, but I was wrong.