Hall of Fame & Leaderboards

[Thanks to Erica for the amazing header.]

The Hall of Fameis now accessible and Leaderboards have been added.

The Hall of Fame is located within the Plaza, here.

There are 6 Leaderboards that show Top 10 rankings. They are as follows:

  • Most Dungeon Completions
  • Most Mission Completions
  • Most Lvl 100s
  • Highest Playtime
  • Top Richest
  • Most Popular Guilds

When you interact with a Leaderboard (by pressing ENTER) it scans the entire database to retrieve the results, hence they are live and therefore automatically updated. If you exceed someone in a Leaderboard ranking it will show this, just relog. Here is what one of them looks like.

If two or more people tie for the same position on a Leaderboard they may switch between their ranking on the list.

While this update comes with the possible risk of further promoting elitist attitudes and entitlement issues, recognizing the efforts of high achieving PMU members is definitely worth a shot. It has overall been decided that the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Please do not to be disheartened if you do not find yourself on a Leaderboard, and congratulations to those who do. Remember to maintain friendly competition!

There’s also a Champion! But you’re going to have to find that out yourself.

Thank you.

The champion is… What?!? O_O XD I can’t tell.

Best idea ever! :joy:
Knowing these players blood will be lost!

such a nice idea :joy: :joy: :joy: 100% i wont be on it anytime soon XD

the idea is cool, but will there ever be a message telling you where you are on the leaderboard?

the top 10 thing is kind of uninvolving, and i doubt it’s just a simple push to get onto the top 10.

all that being said and done,



omg. i cant believe my guild is #2 in most popular guilds.


That’s actually a great thing to add in my opinion.

Other than that, woo! Nice job! Going over them was entertaining. :la:

I liked this, need to beat coraje tho in money oops

I think we need some other leadeboards to motivate people to do other stuff (Most eggs hatched, most pokemon recruited, most complete recruit list, as examples)

Also something nice would be the leaderboards for top of the week or month for those categories and maybe something like most levels gained in a week etc

Most Ekop in storage! :D

Indeed, a leaderboard for most filled Pokedex seems to be a good idea.