Just wondering…

Post if you’re still around and interested in roleplaying. ;D


I like to, but I’m terrible at it, so I’m not sure if I count ^^;

Hmm. I’ve waited for a decent Roleplaying thread to finally make its way on PMU. Honestly, I used to dislike role playing since I was never really all that good at it [My Chatango probably says the same thing, aha. xD] But I feel that overtime my skills have sort of improved, so I’d give it a try. Mind you, I’ve never role-played properly, since I had no interest, but I feel that if for nothing, it can at least hone my story writing skills to some extent. So yeah, I guess I’ll give it a try. Thank you~ ^^ :la:

I role-played once, and only once. That was the end of it.

I love to rp! ^^ I rp all the time and would love to make a rp some time.

Ooh. Waited since when? xD
I know role playing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but you are right, it is a good way to improve your literary skills. Well, when you do get involved I hope you enjoy it. c:

I don’t mind if you’re bad at it, heck, you could even use the asterisk method of role playing and It’ll be fine. That’s my favourite thing about role playing. We slowly and sneakily steal little bits from each other to make ourselves better. ;D
Or learn from our mistakes.
Whatever, same difference right?

Hahaha. Yeah. I love to role play but I suck at being the owner.

I: Didn’t like it?

Agun~ <3

So…anyway. I miiiight make a role play so those who want in can join.
Any preferences/ideas?

I typically prefer Crossovers because then people can be whatever/whoever they want to be, but that’s just my preference.

Now that I think about it I probably make more Digimon rps than I do Pokemon… Heh.

I: Didn’t like it?

Not really._.

Not really._.[/quote]

Fair enough. .-.

Uhm. Not really necessary, but okay. </3

I’m super rusty, Sapphy, but I really want to get into my characters because NaNoWriMo is soon and I really want to use it to work on my comic. :(

Oh hey! Head counting is a neat Idea. The last Roleplay I was in on PMU was The Crew. That’s a huge Roleplay sitting over there in the dust.

-Points to page twenty of the Roleplay forum-

So you know, if you’re interested in reading fifty six pages of my thirteen year old writing you can read Crew Expendable. And another seventy two of my fifteen year old writing, There’s the Crew Continues.

[Cringing Intensifies]

Those were old PMD/PMU based Pokemon Roleplays. So I think I could be okay doing something like that again, or just something with Original characters, but I like the idea of getting another good Roleplay going! I’m down for it.

Ahaha. Yeah. Whenever I read over my old Rps I think I die a little inside.
This… This makes me want to give up life.that That was in 2011? That’s only 3 years ago. Omg.

Uhm. Not really necessary, but okay. </3

I’m super rusty, Sapphy, but I really want to get into my characters because NaNoWriMo is soon and I really want to use it to work on my comic. :([/quote]
Lol. I’ve been role playing a LOT as of late so I can’t say I’m rusty…just unskilled.

Hurr. I think I might have to go with an open structure rp because I’m guessing everyone has different cravings right now. That’s fair I suppose.

I think I’ll just do an open OC/Xover so y’all can do what you like.
Gonna need to think of a plot…and stuff… Bluh.

Idk. I’ll work on something.
If anyone has any ideas PM me or post them here. I don’t bite. Most I the time anyway.

I’ve never roleplayed here but I’d be interested. I’m relatively busy at the moment with school work but i’ve been meaning to roleplay more.~

Ok. c:
That’s the best thing about roleplaying in places like this, they tend to move slowly anyway so it should be fine.

sup B)


(I should probably do something…alternatively ZOMBIE SHOOTING)

Alright, I’m likely late to this party, but you know what? It’s been so long since I’ve gotten to exercise my PMD roleplay muscles, or pull out any of my characters for air, I’d also be interested in joining a good RP thread or two.

14 days late, but if we revive the Digimon RP I’m in

I’m still here after all these years : 3

I haven’t roleplayed in a while, but, well, the flame never quite dies.

I just can’t decide what it is I want to rp. I haven’t even used OCs in ages.