Hello everyone! c:

Hi, im Kenai!
Im 21 and from Germany. I grew up playing basically all PMD games, but the one that really got me into the series was Explorers of Time. :D
I would have never believed that my dream of a PMD mmo would ever come true, but here it is! c:
I started playing this game yesterday and im already loving it! A big thanks to the creators <3

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Nice to meet you, glad to hear you’re already enjoying it. It certainly is the best PMD mmo out there.

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Welcome hope you like what you see/play :>

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Yea it is!
But wait…so far this is the only PMD mmo right? xD

Heey, thanks! Yes, it feels very nostalgic and brings back old sweet childhood memories c:

There have been others but they’re no where as fleshed out. As far as I know they’re all dead now.