Hello I'm new here!

My Username in game is Akatsuki_Ninja, Starter is Vulpix

I will accept friend requests :)

I also am confused on what to do? I’ve played the games for the Ds, but I don’t know what to do, like where do I go after I do the first dungeon. Do I just wonder around and fight pokemon and explore pretty much.

Also I have a full party, can pokemon still want to join me or do I need to put away a couple of pokemon in my team for that to happen?

After you finish the first dungeon you’re pretty much left to your own devices. You can do whatever you want. There really is no story to do.

My advice is just stick with the dungeons around Grassroot and level up your character, recruit some Pokemon you like, and do some missions. Increasing your explorer rank will help a lot since it gives you bigger bag and storage space. If you want to recruit certain Pokemon you can check the wiki (Just google “PMU recruitable Pokemon” and you should easily find a guide for where everywhere Pokemon is located).

But yea, pretty much just do dungeons you haven’t done yet (completing them will allow you to receive missions for that dungeon), level up, and explore. Also since you’re new unlocking the evolution chamber will be good for you too. I believe the dungeon is in the level 16-20 range.

also yes, in order to recruit a Pokemon you need an open slot in your party. So lets say you have Vulpix, Wingull, Oddish, and Zigzagoon. You see a Magnemite and want to recruit it, you’ll have to send home one of those Pokemon in order to have “room” for it.

Ok Thanks so much :)

Welcome! Really hoping you enjoy your stay! <3

If it helps, this is Zappeh’s YouTube channel, he made a great walkthrough to the most important aspects of the game from the beginning to later dungeons :): https://m.youtube.com/user/AstrapiDrakos, also he offers great tips on money making and the such!

Hope you find it helpful! And welcome again c:

Thanks and I will check Zappeh’s Videos I saved the playlists :D Can’t wait to get into the game more, now I’ve looked into it from the wiki.