Hello there! I'm new (plus question about screen size)

I just joined the game today. Seems pretty neat. It’s cute and I can see how explorers of time and those games influenced it.

I haven’t played a lot of these online type games recently especially multiplayer ones I guess the closest sorts are feral or the multiplayer games I have on steam. And I am a fan of old school games like neopets and their clones.

Also I been getting back into playing pokemon games generally started playing soul silver which is pretty neat. But also playing sword and shield.

One question does anyone know how to force full screen on game or at least like make the window size not like off screen. I think there is a screen resolution setting somewhere if i look around but I wondered if anyone knew.

Also my username is fluffet I think and I started playing with the character fritzel.

Just gonna copy and paste the message that shows when you do -fullscreen In the Discord server ( people ask this every day so there’s a command for It 20x20 ):

Due to the way PMU’s current engine is designed proper fullscreen is not currently possible until the next major client revision. However, there is a pseudo fullscreen option available.

While at the main menu, click the server select button, and once you do that you can press F11 (may require you to hold Shift or Ctrl as well) and your game will have black bars around it. Pressing F11 while actually in-game will activate the screenshot function instead. To exit this fullscreen, you must Alt+Tab out of the game.

Using windows magnifier is another way of enlarging the resolution in the meantime as well.

That said, welcome to PMU I am not good with Introductions :)