i’ve been playing PMU for a l o n g time, but i’m only just starting to do stuff on the forums!

i started to play back in about 2010 as Hoshiko and EpicBaka (you can tell i was in my weeb phase, lol) and i took a good multi-year hiatus in, like, 2012? so i’ve been back for a good month, month and a half now! y’all have probably seen me around ingamea and in the discord as Somnire and Oneiroi. :3c

i’m an artist and medical student at my district’s tech school! i spend lots of my free time playing pmu, drawing, and roleplaying!

my favorite types are dark, fairy, ghost, and dragon!

it’s really nice to get to officially meeting everybody, and i plan to hang around the forums a lot more ~ :heart:

Hi there, Somnire! Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay here c:

thanks, Nano! i’m sure i will! <3