Hi there! I guess I'm kinda new?

Hello! I’m Blaze! Uh I’m actually not the greatest with introductions and don’t really talk much! :sweat_smile:

I’ve been playing PMU for a few months now and I’ve enjoyed my time on it. I’ve played PMU all the back in 2015 or 2016 as well. But that was a long time ago on a older account that I don’t if it exists anymore. Which is fine. I’m fine with this account.

If you see me in game. (ExplorerBlaze64) you’ll either see me idle all day or doing jobs or at my house. (I love how PMU never kicks you off for being idle to long unlike other MMOs!)

I am also a game developer. Well, I’m a new game developer. I’m learning as I go and I have the goal of making a game that is inspired by PMD! And the one thing I love about PMU is its house builder! I will almost always spend hours in any game that has a sort of map maker in it! Although I wish we had a sort of second house or something like a dummy house that we could use for building so I could build more stuff without having to build on our main house. (I love making things)

I absolutely love PMD explorers of Sky at least once every year. (My favorite game of all time is explorers of sky)

I’m also a retired mod from a PMD community.

Well I guess I’ll be going for now! If I keep typing this it’ll be massive! Alright. See ya!


Hey Blaze! Glad you’re enjoying the game. It’s fun indeed.

If you want to make more houses, make alts. One account can have three characters, each with their own house, and you can have multiple accounts… So you can make several houses.

Also what do you mean you don’t get kick for being idle? Idk if it’s a glitch, but I get kicked after a few minutes of being idle. It’s quite annoying actually.


Well for me I never get kicked for being idle. I remember just leaving the game running all day in the background while I go do something else on my PC or in my room.

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There isn’t really idle kicks but the new servers have been trashy compared to back in the day so disconnects happen commonly now but nice to see you GL on your journey through PMU :slight_smile:


Good luck on your journey through PMU as well!

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This is slightly late but I hope you’re having a splendid time with us on PMU! :grinning: