Hollow Knights

Hollow Knights is a new Hollow Knight themed guild that opened it's doors on November 30th. We are a guild meant for everyone. Our guild is targeted to mostly new players or returning players who are lost and in need of help or someone who's looking for a community to hang around with outside of PMU.

Rules of Our Guild:

  1. You must be in our discord server in order to enjoy our community to the fullest. If you are not able to, that is perfectly fine!
  2. You must be kind and respectful to others. Treat others how you want to be treated, bullying is not allowed in our group.
  3. Communication is important. If you are gone for a month without any activity in our discord server or in the game without any word from you, you will be kicked out without warning. Our group is only for active players! However if you decide to come back, we will welcome you back with open arms!

What are the perks of being a Hollow Knight?

  • Weekly guild runs to high level dungeons, almost daily training runs for our new player members.
  • A environment that promotes friendship and charity, fostering new friendships with others and helping you as well as others get a better understanding of PMU and how to play the game.
  • Guild contests, events and games outside of PMU. (Example; Board game online, movie nights, art streams with free art requests for guild members and much more!)
  • New members who are also new players(playing for one week or less) will receive a guild starter pack. The starter pack includes the following; missions for dungeons such as pebble cave, seaside cavern, sour root cave and tiny grotto; 3,000 poke, 10 apples, 5 ethers and four escape orbs. They will also receive assistance in any low level dungeons.
  • A Discord server to; chat, roleplay, share art, play with bots in!

Join Our Discord Server if you’re interested!